Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's Hot

Temperatures in Denver have been near 100 off and on during the past week. I love it, but still wear my wool socks to bed as the feet are a bit numb and cold, even when its 101 degrees outside. But my tomatoes love it. I've found a green thumb for growing tomatoes, or perhaps just found the right spot for the plants. Whatever. We've already harvested four beautiful tomatoes and promptly ate them, while standing in the "garden"----the walkway from our patio to the alley.

Numbers continue to be good. IGGs dropped to 1455, down from 1500 last month. Other numbers are stable. It sure feels good to get that report and, despite the fact that we're now entering 8 months of maintenance, I still get nervous whenever I'm getting the "numbers" report. I'll keep drinking the magic elixir, even though Rifkin told me that the new velcade data is showing that the longer patients are on the maintenance regime, the more the numbers move down. (he doesn't know of the elixir).

Susan is in New York. A trip home with her brother for a last visit to Yankee stadium, a visit home for the Italian feast, returning to their old haunts, and spending time with Arlene and Jim Bell. They've had a great time and it seems wise I didn't join them as just listening to their daily activities tired me out.

The girls are fine and summer feels like its whizzing by. We've gone to some baseball games, enjoyed evenings on the patio, and hung out doing not much. I've been swimming and biking regularly. My swim is now up to a mile. I won't set any time records, but its a good workout, especially as I swim in an outdoor pool and bask in the sun as I swim. I think I'll start planning my winter escape now, as I never got that planned last year and, as you know, suffered through two bouts of flu and a little pneumonia. Getting out of town seems to me to be the best prevention for that.

Much love to all.