Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Scoop on Dan

Welcome to "The Scoop On Dan" blog. I hope this blog will give all of you who love and care for Dan a way to keep up with his progress as he moves down the path to a healthy and rich life. I thought that this would also give some relief to Susan and Dan who either have to answer the phone or listen to the messages. Not that they aren't welcome, but you can imagine what it takes to repeat the latest news many times a day. I hope that Dan's community of friends and loved ones will have a chance to exchange information, questions or comments. I will try to update information every couple of days and also to provide you with links to web sites that you might find interesting.

Today, September 14, 2005, is the start of Dan's journey towards total recovery. Dan is a SURVIVOR and he and his family are learning to live with cancer. I am attaching his schedule for the coming weeks. If you can't find what you want or need in the way of information just let me know.

Dan’s Transplant Schedule:

8/31 Tests conducted to restage degree of myeloma present (heart, lung, blood, bone marrow tests)

9/7 Meet With psychologist, then with Dr. to review test results and to see if any changes in schedule

9/13 Caregiver class

9/14 installation of additional port for extraction of blood and infusion of chemo drugs

9/14 Infusion of cytoxin---Dan spends night in hospital

9/15 Dan gets shot of neupogen (to help build white cells) and is discharged

9/16—28 Dan to hospital daily to get neupogen shot

9/24--28 Begin apheresis (collection of stem cells from Dan which are then frozen)—4 to 5 hours daily at hospital

10/10 Dan hospitalized and given high dose chemotherapy—melphalan

10/11 second dose of melphalan given

10/10--- Dan hospitalized for 3 to 4 weeks (can receive visitors ---hospitalization will not be in isolation