Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Resting After Cycle 2

I finished cycle 2 of bendamustin/revlimid last week and am now in my recovery week. We continued to progress, albeit not at the rate of the first cycle. Iggs dropped another 300 points, down to 3800 from 4100. M spike is at 2.6, down from 2.8. The 3 weeks of being on chemo is challenging and mostly exhausting, causing me to sleep more than I thought possible. Still making 3 to 5 visits a week to the clinic/hospital for blood checks and transfusions.

You may recall that I had to undergo radiation treatment last November due to an "impending" fracture of my left arm--the top of the humorous near the shoulder. Well, sometime in the last 6 weeks my arm broke, completely fracturing. Is that why it continued to hurt? Anyway, in my condition surgery is not an option so I've got the arm in a sling for the indeterminate future. As if I don't have enough issues! And I continue to be without driving privileges.

It seems that life has slowed to a crawl. The effects of the chemo and cancer combined with the treatment regime and transfusions leave little or no time for living. Susan is bound up in all of this and I feel so sorry for her as she has to take me everywhere as well as watch me as I struggle with the entirety of that I've been given to deal with. The girls are great support for both of us. Catherine checks in regularly and Julia drops by at least a couple of times each week as well as helps in getting me to appointments when she can.

The progress with the new drug is promising and has lifted our spirits a bit. We continue to be grateful for all the support of our friends and family.