Tuesday, April 10, 2012


The bare bones facts: Iggs moved down from 4313 to 3750. A good step down and a downward move that was unexpected given the last IGGs moved up 500. So the bendamustin/revlimid regime continues to do its work.

This good news is tempered by the visit with the orthopedic surgeon. My ability to use my left arm is still quite limited. I can't raise it higher than my waist nor can I stretch it out from my side. Although this is some improvement over the last month, it is not healing very rapidly. The ortho thinks I have probably recovered as much function as I'm going to get. He said I had 2 options. The first one depends upon me getting my myeloma into or very close to remission. I laughed at this option, after 7 years and 3 failed transplants, but still asked him to elaborate. IF I could miraculously get into remission, then I might be able to undergo surgery where they would put a plate across my shoulder and humerous. Since option 1 isn't really an option (at least for now) I am left with option number 2: live with it.

I will admit this is depressing. I don't really have any use of this arm and was looking forward to its healing. It looks like its not to be. But then, as Susan said, it's your arm Dan, not some statistic, meaning, of course, that the odds don't seem to include people like me. So I'm going to try a bike ride soon. She just rolled her eyes with this proclamation. My sister jokingly suggested I tie my left arm to the handle bar. Right.

Well, that's it for now. The good news on the myeloma clearly overshadows the left arm issue. I'm sure I'll adjust. As the family reminded me, "we didn't think you'd even be here a year ago, so let's not worry about this." As always, they're right.
Love to all,