Sunday, November 06, 2011

Bone Marrow Results

Bone marrow results are in. Best I can describe them is mixed. There has been no progression of the disease over the 2 months I've been on carfilzomib. There also has been no reduction in the disease levels, i.e., no response. Absolutely Stable are the words Rifkin repeatedly used. That means two more cycles of carfilzomib (2 more months). In the meantime Rifkin is looking for the next drug should I continue not to respond after two more cycles. He's seeking expanded access on pomalidomide and is investigating a new drug that has shown much success in treating other blood cancers. We're also trying to deal with my bone pain, nerve pain, and weakened muscles, whether caused by the drug or the myeloma. Not so much fun. It seems that the rest of the time I'm at the hospital getting red cells and platelets. But I'm not complaining; I'm glad to be alive and to have a doctor who refuses to give up and mostly for those many friends and family members who keep me going every day. Thank you.