Friday, December 09, 2005

The Next Surgery

Well, we now have a date scheduled for my radical prostatectomy--February 7th. My urologist will be doing the surgery laproscopically so that he expects I will only be in the hospital over night. Recovery is anticipated to be 4 to 5 weeks. I won't go into the details here for those of you who are less curious, but there are, of course, potential complications. But my prostate cancer was diagnosed relatively early --it is Stage II B and is located on only one side of the gland and is not in the margins--all good signs. In addition, while my multiple myeloma was being treated I received 2 hormone shots to contain and prevent any spread of the prostate cancer. In fact, the hormone shots shrunk the tumor, which is also a good result. In light of all that I have gone through over the last 9 months, this next procedure feels manageable. I am glad the surgery won't occur until February as that will allow us to enjoy the holidays.

No further news on the myeloma front; next appointment is 12/14 and I'm not sure whether I will get any new info at that time. We'll probably schedule the bone marrow biopsy for later in the year or first part of next year. I continue to gain strength and am trying not to push myself too hard in the recovery effort. I do try to get the health club daily to walk, ride the bike and occasionally lift weights. I am dragging Susan with me--I think she wants me to go back to work! It feels so slow and some days I get slammed with a lack of energy, which always surprises me. I've also started physical therapy and am getting some help in relieving the soreness and stiffness in the back.

We are so looking forward to having the 2 girls (young ladies) home for the holidays. Susan already has the Christmas tree up and her brother, "Uncle Gary," has sent more boxes of presents than we have room for. His generosity always overwhelms us and this year he appears to have outdone himself.

I'll let you know what happens at next week's visit with Dr. Rifkin. In the meantime, enjoy the holiday spirit. Love, Dan


sigunjoe said...

Dear Dan,

I am glad the date is set for your prostatectomy; it is on my calendar. Another hurdle to get over, but as you mentioned, in view of what you have gone through the last nine months, it seems manageable.

I am proud of you for going to the gym every day. Keep up the good works! Bises, Sigun.

Arlene said...

Good Morning!

Sorry I haven't been blogging this past week, but I've been a little busier than usual. I got on the blog every day to read comments and write you, but someone always distracted me(twice I closed out with half a message done). Anyway, then Jimmy called you, so we caught up!

But, I am so glad to hear that your other surgery is finally scheduled. It will be good to get it behind you where it belongs.

Michael's christening was this past Sunday. It was really great. I e-mailed pictures. I hope they came out. He is just the sweetest little baby. We can't stop looking at him.

We are getting our tree tomorrow. We go to Wilkens Farm every year with Stacey and Richie to get trees. This year Michael can join us. He is over 13 pounds already. He is really starting to smile and coo. What a doll!

Jimmy turned on our outside Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving and Vincent said, "PAPA IS TODAY CHRISTMAS???!!" Jimmy explained to him that it was 24 days away and he has been counting each day since. He has a pop-up calendar and opens a new door each morning. He is the best age for this Christmas stuff!

Katie continues to smile all day and light up our world, and when she sees Jimmy, the rest of us might as well move out of town. What a surprise! He has yet to use the word "NO".

Vincent is the Big Brother and Big Cousin and takes this role very seriously. What a good boy.

This will be the most blessed Christmas for all of us. We will all love a little deeper and hug a little longer.

Love you all,



spike said...

Glad to hear you're gaining strength and working out some. Getting that next surgery done will also be another big step forward.
Lynne and I are leaving for Baltimore on Christmas Day To spend the week with Chris, Sandy, and our granddaughter Natalie. It'll be my first time to see her. Can't wait! Our prayers and love to you, Susan, Cathrine and Julia.
Love, Spike and Lynne

Dan's Mom said...

As you say ,Dan,this is just another bump in the road. It must seem to you as if you have been driving on gravel roads in the North Dakota Badlands. But pretty soon you will hit the Interstate and go rolling along.
I pray constantly for you . The other day I told God,"Enough already" We hope He listened. Love,Mom

Brother Ted said...

The winter holidays are so wonderful. Family, friends, good food, and all the joy that goes along with our celebrations. Your journey has helped us all to embrace the gifts of our lives and that awareness will make this holiday season all the more blessed. Your friendship and love will be the biggest gift we receive this year.

After your prostatectomy and your recovery period, spring will be just around the corner and those morning walks will feel so good as the world around us awakens with new possibilities.

Happy Holidays to you, Susan, Catherine and Julia. Love Ted

nina said...

hello there dan and susan, i feel like i've been away too long and i apologize for my absence. when i spoke to susan a couple of weeks ago, i think i was so relieved to hear susan sounding good on the phone that i just figured everything would be all right with time. and i do still believe that but was reminded of the mountainous path ahead with the prostate surgery. let's call that mountain less than a 14er. glad its on the books and will be taken care of. i noticed dan that you made a comment about almost forgetting that your road may have a few more twists and curves - that's a good thing because i'm frequently reminded to see myself as healthy and i do... until i get a reminder of what lies beneath. i pray that there will be no "beneath" for you and that your recovery will be complete. love, nina

jim-reichert said...
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jim-reichert said...

Hi Dan! I ave been thinking about you. I'm hoping that you are doing well and preparing for an enjoyable holiday season. Good luck on the upcomming surgery. You are in my prayers.
Best Wishes,
Jim Reichert

Patty Nelms said...

Hi Dan!
Just a quick note to say hello and let you know I am holding you in my thoughts. I'm so proud of you for pushing yourself to workout - keep it up! What an impact that has not only today, but down the road as well.

Hang tough and call if I can do anything for you.
Love, P

Dan said...

Jim Reichert, my old high school debate partner, whom I haven't seen in probably 35 years. How nice to hear from you. however did you find out about this blog? how are you? where are you living these days and what are you doing? my email is if you would like to send a message to me there. thanks for the note and good wishes. Dan