Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Thanksgiving Football

Here are some photos of our Thanksgiving Day football game. In addition to yours truly, other participants included Catherine, Julia, cousins Arlene and Jim Bell, and Julia's friend "Gold Mine" Bob--who works in a gold mine. Fancy that! Susan stayed home to cook! Catherine was voted most improved player for learning how to throw a perfect spiral. Julia was most surprising player--she actually knew how to throw a football. With this current blizzard, and since I have learned how to post pictures, we'll give you all a look at our snow conditions in a few days.

1 comment:

Big Frank Dickinson said...

I am very impressed at your skill in blogging. You might be up for the BOGGER AWARDS if you keep this up. What's next - audio files - and then holographs or is it holograms??

I'm amazed at the snow - but not envious - keep it down there.

I'm also amazed at the T that Julia and Catherine made - where was the Bone??

Have Merry Merry Christmas - it certainly will be a white one.

Tom (aka Big Frank Dickinson) (aka T Bone) (aka Pete)