Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Triple Crowns and Other Fun

One aspect of chemo that no one ever told me about was the effect on the salivary glands. It seems that chemo can disable them, as it has done with mine. And without a good amount of saliva being generated, well, bacteria finds places to reside. So, after my first visit to the dentist since before the transplant (I couldn't go when I was on chemo) I now have 6 crowns coming. I've survived 3 last week, and am scheduled for 3 more in a couple of weeks. The fun just never ends!

Speaking of which, I also will be demanding a refund for the flu shot I got this year (as soon as I can remember where I got it) as I now have the flu. Of course, with me, any illness gives rise to major concern, so Susan and I spent this morning at the clinic and the hospital for the complete workup. Throw onto the flu a touch of pneumonia and we're having some fun now! But I'm on Tamiflu (Catherine advised that I should try to squirrel some away in case bird flu hits) and an antibiotic and expect I'll be improving in a few days. I think Susan has a touch of the flu also, but she didn't get anywhere near the attention I got, nor the drugs. So she's just suffering it out.

Other than that, we're doing just fine here.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dan - I'm sorry you were sick when your mom came through Denver. She is staying with us and we're so glad. I think you will really like being a mediator. I've been an arbitrator for many years and find it a refreshing change of pace. It's very interesting to sit on the other side of the table and not be an advocate. Love, Sheila