Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hold On, Rough Road Ahead

This is a short note after that first week of chemo. The year's respite obviously erased some of the memories of the chemo experience. I don't know if it's because I forgot, or because the revlimid adds a rougher component, but this week was tougher than expected. That being said, I was able to conduct a mediation mid week, and I'm sure no one was aware I was dealing with chemo, so I am encouraged by that. I know I'll adjust to the drugs, and am already looking forward to the week off. And FYI, I survived the MRI--2 hours, 15 minutes lying motionless on the steel table in the tube. While it didn't hurt, it certainly was a mental challenge. I don't expect to get the results until I see Rifkin again in 2 weeks.

Thanks to everyone for the donations to Light the Night. We've raised more than $6000!! And it seems that over the past year, many of you have forgotten how to log in to the blog. I know that because I've received quite a few emails from people this past week, offering support and encouragement. Messages in those emails used to show up on the blog. No problem. I appreciate your support in whatever form you choose to send it!

Thanks for continuing to be there for us.


shawnandjaike said...

We haven't forgotten you and still pray and think of you, Susan and the girls often. So glad you and your best friend had some R & R in Fl. before the next big challenge. We are staying busy with work, life and building our house. We look forward to when you and Susan can come for a visit.
We hope to see you in Dec. or Jan as we will be in Colorado with all the gang. love you. Shawn

George Gagnon said...

Hi Dan,

What remarkable tenacity and courage you continue to demonstrate. We went to North Dakota in August and came back through Wyoming this year to see the National Parks so we missed you in Denver. The delight of introducing kids to the world must have been as much fun for you and Susan. We think of you often, keep you in our prayers, and will visit your website. Bless you and yours.

Bye, George