Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Would You Like a Velcade Glaze on that Turkey?

Yes, we started Thanksgiving day with a trip to the clinic to get the velcade infusion. Now, don't go feeling sorry for me, as I was accompanied by my mother, who wanted to see the set up at the clinic (oh, that infusion room is warm and fuzzy!), and more importantly, we returned home to put the turkey in and a few hours later we filled our plates with another one of Susan's great Thanksgiving Day feasts. Although we had a good group of friends and family, we did miss Julia. She'll be home in about 2 1/2 weeks. My appetite was not affected in the least by the velcade, as evidenced by my 3 pound weight gain (in one day!), which I'm now trying to shed.

My mother and Bob leave this morning. Bob has completed his list of home repairs (a short list this year) and Mom has taken in the "must sees" in Denver, including the new Art Museum, as well as a trip to our nationally known Tattered Cover Bookstore. They both look great and are doing remarkably well given their octogenarian status. Although we had a nice visit, I suspect they are ready to be back home, as living with 'roid boy, is about as easy as walking on thumb tacks or eggshells. Let's see, as Susan describes it, I don't speak for 3 days, and then, after an infusion, you can't shut me up. Does that mean that when I speak, they now listen? Doesn't seem to be the case. Oh well......

And as for those numbers? They continue to go in the right direction. The IGGs are now at 1596, down from 1898, and just in "normal" range, which is 700 to 1600. I know Rifkin would like to see them down a bit more, which hopefully will occur with this next cycle. I think I continue to be on track to go on a maintenance dose, starting 12/17. Maybe it will level out those ups and downs a bit. We can hope.

Time continues to be my friend, as more drugs are being tested every day. My friend, Ted, recently sent me some info on a new drug (carfilzomib), which is similar to velcade and is going into clinical trials right now. It holds much promise, as it works very much like velcade but without the nasty neuropathies, and doesn't seem to develop the resistance that the myeloma sometimes develops to the velcade. Just more evidence of the importance of that fundraising that so many of you support through your Light the Night donations.

We hope all of you had a festive holiday, are back to your preholiday weight, and are ready to cruise into the next series of holiday parties. Thank you again for all your support. We continue to be deeply grateful.


Big Frank Dickinson said...

More reasons to be thankful - the numbers continuing decline. I'm very happy for you. The sooner they bottom out the better!



Devraj said...

Dear Dan:
I returned safely from Madras a day ago but do not seem to shed this terrific jet lag as I usually do! Age?! I have followed your blog and said some quiet prayers for your continued improvement. I have some stories to share when we see you next.Keep your spirits high. You WILL prevail. Love, Devraj & Doris.

Ingrid said...

Dear Dan,

so great to read about the improvements, I'm so happy for you, not forgetting still, what terrible struggle you go through, keeping it always in mind.
I am back from Vienna, the Diabetes Update was more than worth going to. They now found out officially that my cocktail of Diabetes-Bloodpressure-Tiroid and Cholesterol is somehow more and more connected and so I was suggested to change my therapy too, which I did, and seems it is going a little better for the moment. And I'm not asking for more than a moment. And I saw a psycotherapist, who helped me a lot. Just in time to quit crying continously for the upcoming Christmas holidays. So yes, the researches and trials are soooo important for us, without them, probably both of us would not be anymore around. But here we are, constantly trying to find the power to fight, yes after 5 and 1/2
month of giving up and depression, I am back and ready to fight again too, happy to have a companion in you on my side. Never give up like me in this past 5 and 1/2 month, your disease is more serious than mine, you cannot allow yourself to give up, and we, all your friends, will make sure you do not give up.

Big hug to you and Susan, love,

shawnandjaike said...

Dear Dan,
Great news that your #'s are going down, hurray!!
Arden and I are in Boone, NC trying to secure an apartment for her to move into in Jan. She has been accepted th Appalachian State in the mountains of NC and she is excited to move out of our house and hopefully to restart her academic career. We look forward to seeing all of you after the New Year when we are in Denver. Love to Susan and the girs.