Monday, August 25, 2008

Numbers Rise But I'm Not Going There

Started this historic day in Denver in the infusion center (the Democratic National Convention is here). IGGs have moved to 1674, up from 1445. I am surprisingly unfazed. One other marker has gone down---beta 2 microglobulin is at 1.4, down from 1.7. The M protein (or M Spike), which measures the level of actual myeloma protein, was not available. I know that the IGGs can jump around a bit. I also know that in order for a "trend" to be identified, I need 3 points in a line. So this is but one point. Although fatigue is always an issue, life will go on.

Susan's cousin, Arlene, one of our regular bloggers, sent me a very interesting booklet called, "Year in Review---Multiple Myeloma: 2007-2008." It is most interesting because it sets forth the facts of numerous case studies and then asks four doctors how they would treat each patient. The four doctors are rarely in agreement. This booklet provides a very good overview of all treatments and these four doctors' views about when the different treatments should be used. My doc is clearly on top of all these therapies and, it appears to me, he is taking a conservative approach to my treatment, i.e., prescribing the fewest drugs and the lowest weekly dosage (only once a week). I am in complete agreement with his approach. Save the hammers for when the numbers run out of control. Thank you Arlene for sending this booklet.

Susan, Julia and I walked Denver's 16th Street Mall today and saw all the delegates, crazies, protestors, and heavily armed SWAT teams. Thousands of people milling around on the streets expressing their political views. It was great to see Democracy in action!!!

And finally, I'm told that if I mention John Sadwith's name one more time, he may win a prize on Google for blogger references. So here's to you John Sadwith, you are a great American.

I won't have another numbers report until early October. In the meantime, Susan and I will be taking a week's vacation in Florida; we had such a good time last year (although brother Mike won't be joining us this year). Until then,
Much love,

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Ingrid said...

The survivor takes a few days off, that's good, hope you will relax all your brain muscels working so hard continously thinking.
Haven't read from Susan in a long time, say hello to her.