Monday, February 23, 2009

Seinfeld Revisited

Have any of you seen the Seinfeld episode where he has all the hassles with his dry cleaners, including seeing someone wearing his shirt that the cleaners lost? Well, we've stepped into television sitcom land here in Little Rock. Two weeks ago we brought 7 shirts to the concierge in our building for laundering, having been told the laundry picked up and delivered to our building. After one week and no laundry we started calling. Yes, the laundry would be delivered, Wednesday, then Thursday, then Friday. No laundry. Finally I go to the laundry today and demand my laundry. They hand over 5 shirts. Where are my other two shirts? Gee, We don't know. They two women who work there go pawing through the hangers looking for my green shirt and brown plaid shirt. No shirts. They must be back at your building. Call the concierge. No shirts. Then we must have included them in someone else's laundry in your building. Call the concierge. She'll check and get back to me. Return home. Inspect my shirts. They're burnt. Yes, burnt. You can see the brown singe marks on the collars and along the buttons in front. Feels like I slept too close to the campfire last night. I think the only thing that is going to make me feel better is some possum porridge or squirrel stew. Having a good time.

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Brother Ted said...

I love the images that are floating around in my head as I see the calm, mild-mannered Dan Patterson on his quest for 7 (not 5) shirts. The best part of the story is the discovery that they scorched the shirts. I am sure there is a lawsuit in all of this. I think there was a lawyer who sued because a dry cleaner lost his pants. I don't think he ever collected a dime but he sure helped the image of the legal community. My suggestion is that you just sit down in front of the TV, pour yourself a little moonshine and watch NASCAR reruns. Please keep us informed about your progress in this matter.