Friday, April 17, 2009

An Answer to GI Problems

Today was a better day, if only because it provided an answer for the gut wrenching GI problems I've had for the past week. Probably due to the heavy antibiotics they've been given me, one of my standard stomach bacterias has taken over my gut and colon. So, of course, I ask when we'll be discontinuing the antibiotics---NOT. I continue with infusions ever 8 hours and now have some medication specifically targeting the out of control bacteria. No instant remedy here.

Our nights are broken up by the need to continually hook up infusers (small bottles of medication that are attached to my port) every 2 to 4 hours. Tonight we are supposed to go through 3 infusers of potassium and 3 infusers of antibiotics--all at different times. The days at the clinic seem to consume about 5 hours, as they draw labs and then, based on those results, invariably have to order blood or platelets, or something else to drip into my veins. Whenever I get blood they give me Benadryl because I had a reaction to some blood a month ago. That just puts me to sleep for the afternoon. I'm mostly watching my white cell count, which is the best indicator of when the transplant is engrafting. It has been at 0.01 for days and moved to 0.02 today. I'm not sure that is truely an increase in white cells or just the shadow of that solitary white cell. But we're hoping for another rise tomorrow.

Since I'm fighting this bacterial infection, have no immune system, and have no energy, I am essentially housebound. Susan is going stir crazy with this confinement and tries to exercise every day and get out to do something (is she really shopping at Walmart?). She takes such good care of me, madly cleans up to assure no bacteria are hanging around the apartment, puts up with my hours of silence as I doze, and worries. We are both anxious to return home. We continue to be inundated with good wishes, prayers, meditations, cards, letters, emails, gifts, and just plain good energy from all of you. We love you for your generosity and compassion.


Joni said...

keep up the good work, dan, and come home soon!! We miss you!

Ingrid said...

This blog shows a little better, in which frightening situation you are.
You must be on your limit, no doubt about that, but you're as well aware that you still need to fight. The extremness of this fight anyway, is worth it all, therefore you go ahead, and sure with Susan's help, you can do it.
Take your time, tiny little steps, from 0,01 to 0,02 hey, that is a 100 % increase, that is wonderful.
Still in a most dangerous range, but a positive increase.

I love you Dan, and I love you Susan, both of you became for all of us THE symbol, of what love really is, and that only love and faith at the end count, and at the end ... WIN.