Saturday, April 11, 2009


The transplant went through on Thursday as planned. It was fairly uneventful--akin to getting a blood transfusion. They gave me 4.9 million stem cells. So now we wait for my white blood cells to go to 0--and they're almost there already; then wait for the transplanted stem cells to start producing new cells. The effects of the chemo continue to show themselves and probably will for another few days or week. Fatigue and exhaustion are the order of the day as this process takes it toll. I continue to be amazed that this is handled on an outpatient basis, but it certainly is better than being confined to the hospital. So every day we pull ourselves together and march off to the clinic to have labs drawn, blood checked, get some fluids and return to the apartment. Despite it all, we're glad to be at this point and looking forward to continued recovery.

And on a completely different note: John Sadwith has been up to his devious tricks once again. A few days ago I received two handwritten notes from the Governors of North Dakota and Wyoming, wishing me well in my recovery. It took awhile for me to believe they were real. Then yesterday I received two more letters--from the Governors of Tennessee and Kentucky! It seems John has used his influence with the many executive directors of the state trial lawyers associations to persuade his fellow directors to obtain letters to me from their governors. Talk about influence. Anyway, I apparently now have some political machinery pulling for me as well. John, you are one special guy.
Happy Easter to all.


Brother Ted said...

Happy Easter to the Patterson family.

sigun said...

Dear Dan,

Happy Easter! Hope to hear your and Susan's voice today.

So now you have governors all over the US rooting for you... amazing! Bises, Sigun.

sigun said...

Dear Dan
I want to add my "Happy Easter" to Sigun's. It seems ironic or at least inappropriate to wish you a happy day at this time, but I pray that against all the odds it turns out to be that way for you and Susan.

John said...

Hi Dan;

I'm not a Governor, but I am the Postmaster of a small burg in rural Oregon. I also went through a transplant as an outpatient. In some respects, the degree of exposure to infections is worse in hospitals, so there is both a medical and financial practicality involved.

Best wishes going forward!

Brett said...

Dan, I think it's safe to say the universe is pulling for you, god and all! You, Susan, and the girls are in my thoughts and prayers every day. Peace, my friend.

sailor said...

Dear Pattersons,

Happy spring in the south. I hope you will sit in a sunny garden and meditate! I am sending a box of possible reads to pass the time for all. Please enjoy and share. Great health for all, each and everyone! Hope to see you on SKYPE and hearing good news!



sailor said...

Happy spring to the Pattersons. I hope you will all sit outside in a sunny garden and smile. I am sending a box of possible reads to help pass the time. Please enjoy and share. Don't forget to breathe.


Sailor Hawkins