Friday, May 08, 2009


We arrived back in Denver Wednesday night. Hallaluha! The last 2 days have been beautiful Colorado days: sunny, blue skies, temp in the 70's. Everything I missed about the Colorado climate was here to enjoy. Getting "discharged" from the Myeloma Center took some work, but when a nurse suggested that the doctor was running late and I might have to wait an extra day I went into action, resulting in another 8 hour day there running to and fro, but finally getting discharged at 6 p.m. on Tuesday.

So now what? I'm exhausted and have about 2 to 3 hours of energy to engage in conversation or low key activity, then I seem to start fading. I've lost 40 pounds, mostly muscle (yes I had some) and so I'm plotting how to gain some strength. Right now walking twice a day plus multiple trips up the 4 flights of stairs in our house are my exercise regime.

We have to visit the clinic twice a week to have my blood tested and sent to Little Rock. They will be monitoring my cancer levels. We could be home for as long as a month provided my "numbers" don't start running amuck. Then back to Little Rock for testing and another chemo regime, which hasn't been defined for us yet.

I never expected that I would miss my home and seeing friends as much as I did in Arkansas. Four months of daily trips to the clinic and feeling like my whole world was "treatment" was mind numbing. We felt like we had been yanked out of our lives and plunked in some alternate universe. It is so refreshing just to be back, if nothing else, in proximity of the lives we had been living. I do hope that further treatment can be administered in Denver so we don't have that added burden of being so removed from our very large support group.

So, for now, we are enjoying being home and seeing friends.


Seal Family said...

WELCOME HOME!! I do believe the powers that be ordered this beautiful weather for the both of you! Love Greg, Dorothy and Rebecca

Joni said...


sailor said...

Colorado never sounded so sweet to all of us. Welcome home!!!

Ingrid said...

Welcome home !!!
Yes, missing Denver and friends there is indeed an issue. I could write a book about it, including a romantic love story, which went wrong. It would be an Oscar worth movie.My congrats to this big step you made, Dan AND Susan.
I know you will enjoy every minute, so I don't need to tell you to do so.
Love to both of you,

Brett said...

Hooray! Welcome home, Dan. Denver has been noticeably empty since your departure. I hope you're having a smooth transition back to the place where you belong.

sigun said...

Yes, welcome home indeed!! Can't wait to be with you all -- just three more days. Bises, Sigun.

Mari Bush said...

Dear Dan:
Whatever your weight or follicular status, you are gorgeous to me and all your friends! Soak up Colorado's energy.
With cheer,