Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lab Rat

After 2 weeks of steroids the white and red cells seem to be holding. The stability may be illusory, but it keeps me from getting a shot or a transfusion, and may allow more therapy, such as thalidomide. Will know more on Monday. Received an email from Arkansas today saying Barlogie just received a letter from Rifkin and Dr. B doesn't agree with Dr. R. My short response to the nurse was to the effect of, "Have Dr. B call Dr. R and talk about this." Duh! Am I supposed to get in middle of this? Based on my knowledge of biology, hematology, oncology, pharmacology, and medicine, I shouldn't be in the same room with these docs. It seems I've gotten myself smack dab in the middle of the debate between blast it out of existence and manage the disease. That being said, I do know that I won't get in the line of fire of any treatment loaded with high dose chemo. After 4 1/2 years, "blast it" has not worked at all with my cells. (both unsuccesful transplants were preceded by high dose chemo regimes.) "This should prove to be very interesting," said the lab rat.



Jan said...

So that is was what all that thunder and lightning over Arkansas was about this week!

Ingrid said...

Just remember, you DO have a lot of knowledge at this point, AND it is YOUR body, YOUR experience and the side effects as well as all the disease is in YOUR body, by YOU feeling miserable or well.

YES you are in the middle of this, and YES you need either B and R, but you are a hell of diplomatic lawyer, and be sure, both of them will never let you down. So just listen what both of them say, and then decide what YOU think is best for YOU. We all here in the rest of the world will be on your side.

Biiiiiiiiig hug,

bemiller said...

You are a trooper Dan just like my husband Ernie (with pancreatic cancer). You've both beat the odds so far! Hang in there - we are praying for you in Dickeyville!
Bobbi & Ernie

Dennis Pyritz, RN said...

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Take care, Dennis

sigun said...

Dear Dan,

Glad the steroids seem to be helping.
Yes, let the two docs fight it out among themselves. And yes, by now you know best what your body will take! Bises from grey Paris, Sigun.