Friday, August 14, 2009

Ruminations on 'Roids

1:00 a.m. Can't sleep once again, despite more drugs that should be knocking me out (Lunesta, neurontin, ativan). Rifkin told me that after a while the ups and downs from the roids would even out. I haven't noticed. Bone density scan today. Lots of walking around the hospital looking for the scanning room (I located it with the name "Women's Imaging Clinic." There were no images of women that I could see. I guess women's imaging refers to women's issues with osteoporosis). All the walking reminded me of Arkansas, which is not a good memory to revive.

Rifkin is looking for clinical trials to enroll me in for pomalidomide. Based on my research there are trials still recruiting participants, provided I met the eligibility requirements. He thinks it will be easier to get in a pomalidomide trial as opposed to carfilzomib. Still an issue around how hard the drug will be on my white/red counts and platelets. He continues to be very concerned re allowing the bone marrow to recover. Stability in the IGGs also continues. New numbers are 3430, down from 3500, down from 4500 about 3 or 4 weeks ago.

After living in Denver for 30 years, I finally got my first juror summons. Now, there was a time I would do just about anything to be able to sit on a jury. Talked about it with Dr. Rifkin and he said, no go. Too many issues regarding my abillity sit for more than a couple of hours due to my back issues, the need to check my blood chemistry every Monday, and the possibility of transfusions, or testing during the week. I used to pick juries and now I can't even sit on one! How low can one go? Oh well, the odds of my staying on a jury would be quite low anyway.

Susan and I celebrate our 27th anniversary tomorrow. Anyone who reads this blog knows my feelings for her and my deep appreciation for how she has cared for me during the last 4 years. She is special and we work so well together. She rants about this and that (she is a New Yorker after all) and I laugh. Whatever works, right?

I think one or more of my drugs must be kicking in. Maybe I'll get some sleep tonight. Later.


sigun said...

Dear Dan,

So glad the IGG numbers are continuing to go down. That is good news.

Oh, yes, 27 years ago on Fire Island... The four of us go way back, don't we? Happy anniversary. Bises, Sigun.

Ingrid said...

Dear Dan,
did you make it to fall asleep then? The silent of the night makes every minute even longer, doesn't it?
I was awake until 3:30 for the pain, too bad we have 8 hours time difference, ...

27 years, how beautiful, my Dad for every anniversary gave my Mom the numbers of red roses the anniversary got. Who knows whether you can manage to give her 27 red, long steeled roses ???

Happy anniversary, love and hug,

Seal Family said...

Good Morning! Happy Anniversary. Dan, I hope Susan spends the anniversary with you. I enjoyed spending mine with her!! XO Dorothy Seal

sailor said...

Dear Dan and Susan,

Happy, Happy Anniversary! Many more wonderful years of celebration I wish for you. You two set the standard for working and loving together through thick and thin. May this next year be filled with healing, laughter, sunshine and lots of miracles! Enjoy your special day!

Hugs, Sailor

sailor said...

Belated wishes for your Anniversary sent with love.