Friday, January 15, 2010

Donor Selection

M.D. Anderson has preliminarily selected brother Mike as the donor. The criteria seemed a bit ambiguous to me so I don't think there was one overwhelming factor that dictated the decision. Tom thinks its favoritism towards a fellow Texan. He still has to pass the tests to make sure he is fit to be a donor. I've told Tom to stay in the wings in case we need a last minute replacement. Timing is still uncertain but we could be gearing up within a couple of months.

Revlimid continues to do its job. IGGs have dipped to 2000. The revlimid also hammers my white count (.8 on Monday) so I am still hiding from crowds, avoiding shaking hands, etc. Could this treatment turn me into an anti-social introvert? Unlikely.

I am so impressed by Rifkin's care of me since returning from Arkansas. He has literally brought me back from the edge. Although my bone marrow isn't working like it should, at least it's working to some degree. And he and his friends at M.D. Anderson and Mayo have found a regime to bring the cancer levels down and open the door for the transplant. We had our doubts this summer but, once again, we have a path forward. What a life!
Much love to all,


Joyjoyful said...

Dan, just found your blog thru the ACOR list. i am a 7 yr MM survivor and live in NC....i use to see dr orlowski when he was here at UNC...he is a great doctor and you're in good hands. your denver doc also sounds like a gem.
wishing you all the best with your up-coming allo. you are truly a warrior/suvivor.
joyce wells

Phil Brabbs said...

I love reading your shows that the more recent advancements provide a lot of hope. I know Dr. J at U of M (where I am at) is well connected with Dr. Anderson and with these great minds and deep commitment to research, MM days are numbered.

Thanks to the internet you can remain an extrovert!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad I just read your post, I was about to head to the airport without a mask! e gads! I will most certainly tuck a few in my purse!! I need to stay healthy. Thanks for the reminder...

Nick said...

Great news, Dan!!! Here's to your good health in 2010 -- keep on keepin' on and let's see that mini-allo wipe our your MM once and for all!!

sigun said...

Dear Dan,

Good to hear about your new friend Joyce Wells! Yes, we must be grateful for the internet. Also good to hear from others how great the doctors are that you will be seeing.
Can't wait to hear when you will be going to Houston. Bises, Sigun.