Thursday, May 26, 2011

Perhaps We're Leveling

Saw Rifkin on Monday and reviewed blood work, blood counts, kidney and liver function, and myeloma markers. Counts are holding although drifting downward a bit. He thinks/hopes I'm ready to start my full scale recovery from the double dose cytoxin and the counts should start to hold or go up. Kidney and liver are working fine. Myeloma markers have drifted up, but at a much slower pace than previously. Again his hope that the cytoxin has slowed the myeloma and that it will stabilize, if not go down, with the prednisone therapy I'm on. Better report than 6 weeks ago but still not out of the woods. New bone marrow is not scheduled. We're waiting for the paperwork for the new drug, carfilzomib, to be processed so I can start on that. Maybe in 30 to 45 days. Rifkin has started to loosen up on the socializing restraints he's placed on me. Now, it's as much about my energy as avoiding exposure to large crowds. I did manage to go to my first Rockies game, hoping to end their losing streak. No such luck.
Please have a relaxing Memorial Day.


Sandy said...

I will continue to intend and pray for this "leveling" to continue and for all the healthy things you are eating to have the desired effect... read Margaret's blog this week about how our gut flora has a bigger effect with curcumin than realized... so with spring in full swing, perhaps you can address the garden within as well!!!

Steven L. Ritter said...

Thank you for the update... Keep them coming.

Have a great weekend and watch a game for me.

Go A's...