Thursday, August 04, 2011

A Quick Update

It seems that I no sooner posted my last blog when things changed. Briefly, saw Rifkin today. It seems the new regime is not working as the IGGs have moved up to 7500. Still waiting for the final regulatory approval for my use of carfilzomib. Rifkin is calling them regularly to get them moving and has been assured his clinic is a top priority, but so far the FDA hasn't finished their review of the facility. Rifkin also became a bit nervous about my trip to NYC and called Memorial Sloan Kettering and immediately got in touch with my former doc at MDAnderson, who is now head of the Sloan transplant unit. Anyway my old doc was most gracious, agreed to bring me in as a new patient, check my blood counts, and see me, transfuse me if necessary and share any ideas he has for treating me. I certainly can't complain about the way my docs are treating me and in fact, am most grateful. Anyway, we're still on for NYC, although in keeping with my schedule here in Denver, I'll spend some of the time at the hospital. That travelogue of the best cancer centers in the U.S. seems to have real potential. This will be my 5th facility. One more achievement I never had aspirations for.


Steven L. Ritter said...

Keep pushing and hopefully on the new drug soon...

Sandy said...

I am intending that the new drug approval is being issued today and that it is working wonders for you - this is for the highest and best good of all concerned; so be it and so it is!!!

tim's wife said...

Have you seen this latest news on carfilzomib? The MMRF just had a press release on it the other day.
Maybe this is what your doc is already working on?
If "cut and paste" doesn't work below, the article is on their website. Prayers and well wishes to you and yours from "sultry" NJ where those of us having hot flashes in this "texas style" heat can't tell when they begin or end!!

nago said...

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