Thursday, March 01, 2012

Rolling Along

I finished my 3rd cycle last week and now get to enjoy 2 weeks of recovery. This first week has been a bit rough, cleaning out, but I feel like I'll have more energy by the weekend and then next week should be even better. We'll measure the progress in about 2 weeks, so no new numbers. I'm still dependent on blood transfusions and platelets, which requires me to be at the hospital at least twice a week, in addition to 2 clinic visits with Rifkin.

My arm is healing, albeit slowly. I still can't use it but the doc says the humerous is staying in place--in the shoulder socket, so if I continue to keep it immobile, in time it will heal. That does make driving and other activities challenging, to say the least.

I met a man at the clinic last week who was diagnosed with MM in 1999. He has been through 4 transplants and is in about the same place I am in terms of having had every drug imaginable and hoping for a new drug to appear. Gives one hope to have a companion on this journey and to know he's got 5 more years logged than I do.

I can't wait for Spring. Although this winter has been mild, I still have cold most of the time. I told Rifkin I need a vacation where I can just lay in the sun by the pool. He said he'll work on it.

I'll post numbers when I get them, probably in about 2 weeks or so.
love to all,


Jeff Hammerberg, REALTOR / CPC said...

Happy March 1st Dan ~ May your journey continue to bring you companions, and may this period of rest bring restoration to both your mind and body.

Maharishi said "God plants his saints sometimes in unexpected soil"... I'll never know why you are at where you're at ~ but I'll continue to know it is Gods perfect plan.

Wishing you a great two week reprieve.

Love to you.

tjebi said...

Hi Dan, just discovered your blog. I am a MM "survivor", diagnosed September 2005, currently on Velcade. I will read back through your blog some more, thanks for generously posting so much about your experiences. My wife and I are writing a book about ours - we're not done with it yet but if you're interested in getting a taste of our experiences, you can check out where we have a few pictures posted. Also at the bottom of that page there's a link to my personal site that has more bloggish writings about my stem cell transplant. Sounds like you know enough about that already though. I wish you all the best with your life and your family - Peter Webb. (Melbourne Australia).

Steven L. Ritter said...

Praying for you big guy... Keep us up to date...


Sandy said...

I still have you on my Intention list for you to be drawn to your highest healing light/energy and am seeing healing speeding up on your arm and good numbers coming in two weeks, and this is for the highest and best good of all concerned, so be it and so it is!!! Whooooo!

sigun said...

Dear Dan,

Good news, that the arm is slowly healing. Keep up the good works! Bises, Sigun.

sigun said...

Dear Dan,

So glad to hear that your arm is slowly healing! Keep up the good works! Bises, Sigun.

Nick said...

Good to hear you are rolling along and the arm is healing, Dan. You and yours continue to be in our thoughts and prayers!