Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Nina's Quilt

Speaking of the abundance of friends (see previous post), I have to tell you about the quilt that our friend, Nina Companion, had delivered about 2 weeks ago. Nina used to live in Colorado and, although she now lives in Massachusetts, has been a source of constant support for us these past months, including a visit this past fall. So 2 weeks ago Friday I was having a particularly bad day and Susan tells me that a package has arrived for me. I open the large box and there is a quilt, with pictures sewn throughout the quilt. Nina got the pictures from Julia and Catherine (which they scanned and emailed) and they are photos of our family taken during the past 20 years. They are printed on fabric and sewn into the quilt. The quilt is such a work of love, even more so because Nina herself suffers from health problems which no doubt made this project even more difficult. To top it all off, Nina called the girls and asked them to show up that evening to share in the joy of the arrival of the quilt; so Julia and Catherine both showed up, independently and unexpectedly, and raised my spirits considerably. The quilt is in my favorite color: blue, and it keeps me warm every morning during my daily meditation. These last two posts are but a few of the many gifts of love that our friends have brought to us. Calls, letters, cards, visits, gifts, food, flowers, prayers and innumerable blog postings have rained down upon us. We are so grateful. Love, Dan


Rich Boulger said...


I have been "scooping" in silence for some weeks, but do not confuse that with not thinking about you. You are regularly in the thoughts and prayers of my family. While I am in my "lower stress" lifestyle I have had the chance to think about many things that I would not normally have taken the time to consider. While your health challenges are stressful beyond comprehension, I continue to be taken by the fact that you seem to have achieved a state of intellectual tranquility that we all strive for and nearly always fall short. You have the gift of open support from friends and family which, as you have pointed out several times, is so rare in life and should be so common. You have motivated me to focus more than ever before on sharing my thoughts and feelings with friends and loved ones. While observing your situation from afar my life has been enriched. Thank you for sharing your story in such an open and heart felt way. You have impacted many in a profound manner I am certain.

On a more tactical topic, I will be heading up I-70 on Thursday 3/2 and returning on Monday 3/6 and would love to catch up for a lunch or just a few minutes to chat if your schedule would allow it. I will give you a call to see what we can do.

May God continue to bless you.



Alexis Williams said...

hi dan!
thinking of you as i am reading a great book about the great original baseball players and there are a couple of white sox stories scattered throughout.
am jealous of the quilt and sure that it is gorgeous.
you are in my thoughts.
alexis williams

Ingrid said...

I have not only seen this marvellous quilt, but been with Dan and Susan when Dan opened it and could not help starting to cry.

This quilt is the absolut most wonderful, greatest, loving gift I've ever seen. It is undescribable how wonderful it is. There are no words to describe it.

Just like there are no words for how wonderful you and Susan are.

And Rich's post is wonderful too, yes, he was able to find words for what you are giving to us.

Thank you Dan and Susan, I love you,

sigunjoe said...

Dear Dan,

Finally today I was able to find your blogspot again. It was so frustrating not to be able to reach you for the last six days. You do know that I start my day every morning with first checking your blogsite, don't you?!

So today I had a treat, two entries of yours. And what sweet entries they were. Bravo to Nina for the gorgeous quilt. Besides all the countless hours, days and weeks spent doing it, what touched me most was the thoughtfulness of the gift. I can't wait to see it!

You probably have heard from Suz that we are off to Naples next Friday for a few days. We have never been to that part of Italy before, and can't wait to see it. I will report on it upon our return.

Enjoy this week-end before you start on your next round of Velcade! Bises, Sigun.

AdamKap said...


Good to hear everything is going as well as can be expected. Thanks for the updates to your situation. I have really no idea as to what you are going thru but just knowing your strength and stubborness, I feel certain you will make it through this and it sounds like you have come a long way already. We all go through different journeys in life and it is at least nice knowing that in a way I can know a bit about your journey. My prayers and thoughts are as always with you and your family!