Monday, February 06, 2006

Velcade--Second Cycle Begins

Last week was nice without the velcade. I didn't realize how much it affected me until I got off it. My energy returned, just in time for my brother Mike's visit. Mike promised to bring some "fun" to the mile high city and he accomplished his mission. He had us laughing much of the time, which felt quite "normal" for a change. Our friends, Chris and Lenie Richardson went out to dinner with us on Friday and we had a raucous time. I thought the restaurant was going to throw us out. Catherine thought Uncle Mike was "hysterical" and truly appreciates his humor. I'm not sure the other patrons agreed.

I had blood drawn today to check the myeloma levels, but I won't know the results until Thursday. My white count rebounded some during the week off (although not as high as when I was on the herbs) and my platelets are good, so I qualified for the next round of velcade; yippee! Interestingly, one of the nurses gave me some home remedies to help reduce the neuropathy I get from the velcade. The remedy is heavy doses of Vitamin B 12 and folic acid--the same combination that my herbalist prescribed for me! hmmmmm.

So we start another round. I still feel good (relatively) and people tell me I look good, to which I always respond that "I'm the picture of good health". Truly, you wouldn't know I had anything wrong with me simply by looking at me. I'm not looking forward to these next 2 weeks but then there will be another week off and that will be nice.

And finally, I must apologize for the long delay between posts. Arlene gave me a hard time yesterday for not keeping more current(all in good fun I should add). I'll try to do better. I am very moved when I hear that so many of my friends and family check the blog first thing every day. How sweet to be in your thoughts so consistently. Your good thoughts and energy keep me going (and apparently looking good as well). Take care all of you. I hope you have a fine week and I'll report the news on the myeloma either Thursday or Friday. Love to all, Dan


Dorothy said...

Hi Dan and Susan. I like many of the “bloggers” do check in everyday but am not always able to sign in! Please know that you are always in our thoughts. Hey that nurse sounds like she may know something, some nurses aren’t so bad!!! We are so glad that you had a great time with your brother and had some really good laughter medicine. I read the other day that laughing a good hearty laugh can burn calories as some aerobic exercises. Now if that were really true I for one would a thin stick of a person!! So I will continue to laugh and hope for best!

Dan keep up the good fight and know that we are all there for you, Susan, Catherine and Julia. Greg and Rebecca send their best. Good night Dorothy

sigunjoe said...

Dear Dan,

"chapeau" to the nurse (I tip my hat off to her, is what we say, right?). B12 and folic acid; will you start taking it?? That would be nice if the side-effects were not as bad this second time around. We will be praying for you extra hard on Thursday when you will get the results of the blood tests.

We went to another Democrats Abroad conference last night; a former MP (a young, black, Jewish woman, extremely articulate and 'sympa')spoke about poverty and racism here in Europe and in America. Quite fascinating. Then we went to the tiny restaurant next to the Fontaine de Mars, owned by that restaurant, and run by our favorite waiter from there. I don't remember whether you know the place: one table for six, plus one long communal table for ten. The food is just as good as at the Fontaine, but less expensive. We had a beef stew simmered in wine and creme fraiche. I must try to duplicate that soon!
You must make a list of a few dishes that you want me to make when we come in May. This stew may be one of them!
Bises, Sigun.

Arlene said...

Good Morning,

You must be my touchstone Dan! After we talked, I won the Bell family football pool - 4th qtr!

Next two weeks - keep the laughter flowing that your brother brought you.

We pray that the days go quickly and free from side effects.

Did you see the Budweiser commercial during the game with the little Clydesdale who tried to pull the wagon out of the barn. He tried and tried and all of a sudden it started to move. What he didn't know was that there were two larger horses who saw his struggle and quietly snuck behind the barn and were pushing the cart to help him.

That's where we all are, Dan and Susan, right behind you - everyone's prayers and strength.

Be safe and well. We will call soon.

Love you all.

Ingrid said...

Don't worry Dan, you will make it, also this second cycle of Velcade and then the third, just keep up the good work.
Nice that you get one week of rest every two weeks, always remember that.

And there we go, the nurse suggests herbs that you took already, go for it, see, she took away your doubts, wasn't that easy.

And hey, thank you for this post, because I thought you wouldn't write until Thursday which I would not even have been able to read, being on the airplane all day long.

Big hug to you and Susan, see you soon,

spike said...

Imagine, a resturant wanting to throw out someone like big fella. What are they thinking? As Dorothy I check the site daily too, but can't always post. Lynne and I both appreciate it when we do get an update from you. You sound great Dan. Stay positive. You're in our thoughts and prayers. Love,
Spike & Lynne

Patty Nelms said...

Hey Dan!
I am continually thinking of you and sending you healing energy. You sound good and I'm thrilled you got rowdy with laughter in the restaurant. I want to go next time! Take it easy Dan. Rest. Call if you need anything!
Love, P

Lynne said...

Hi Dan,

I'm thinking about you a lot today and hoping the test results are what we've all been praying for.