Friday, May 12, 2006

Mysteries Not To Be Solved

Medjagorje, Medicine, Meditation, Messages (spiritual and otherwise) From Many Many Family and Friends. Who knows where the magic lies? Thursday morning "numbers" report shows drop of 550 points in the "enemy" IGGs--from 2580 to 2030. The lowest those numbers have been in 11 months. More movement in the last 3 weeks than in the last 3 months! The rollercoaster ride continues, but this time we are not plummeting. No upset stomach. Hope does not seem futile despite its taking me out of the present. This hope makes the present pleasant. I feel good, energy continues to increase, whether due to decrease in cancer levels or increase in steroids is irrelevant to me. The final test comes in 3 weeks with the bone marrow biopsy--to get definite measurement on the cancer levels and determine, once again, a course of action for the future.

While this is my fight, many times I have thought that I have small influence on what ultimately happens with this nastiness inside of me--not that such moments have lead me not to try. But at times,I really do feel like a passenger on this journey. My meditation practice describes the process as one of surrender--not giving in, but letting go, and allowing the work to be done by nature, the universe, spirit, energy, God, or whatever you call that force that keeps us alive in this place we live. Well, the work is being done and it is being done with the help, push, force, prayer, and whatever other words might describe the intentions of all of you who have worked so hard to influence the outcome of the battle.

So once again I humbly thank all. I am still processing Susan's journey across the seas for me. I don't believe much in coincidences so the turn of the numbers coinciding with her Medjagorje visit are not lost on me. Then again, I am a bit of a scientist and the change in medication was recent. But don't forget that papal blessing, or all the masses being said for me around the world, or my daily meditation practice, or the many many friends who visit, write, email and blog--just to see how things are going, and there was that visit from my mother, and there is all that food that is still being delivered--prepared with love and care. Yes, everyone's efforts are continuing to keep my eyes alive with the enjoyment of life and my body is responding. No further explanations are needed, not even for this logic based, left brained lawyer. Keep up the good work everyone. Love, Dan

P.S. We saw Catherine graduate yesterday. She was in the top 2% of her Business School class--and she actually has a job. We are so proud of her.


Mrs. Joshwick said...

That's great news, Dan. Does that mean you can play some whiffle ball at the family reunion or maybe engage in a little wrestling match?

sigunjoe said...

Dear Dan,

The first thing I did upon returning to EH is to let all of our friends know about your drop of over 550 points. That is all I wrote to them, saying that details about the wonderful graduation festivities for Cate will follow in the morning. You have no idea how many of my friends here in the States, in France, in Greece and in Germany are rooting (sp?) for you!

Those four days with all of you were just so wonderful. Joe mentioned to me this evening that these days were among the most enjoyable ones of his life. We love you. Bises, Sigun.