Wednesday, May 31, 2006

No News Is Good News

I was reminded today that people (that would be you) still check my blog regularly and there hasn't been a posting in some time. So here's the latest on "the numbers", as well as "my life". I last saw Rifkin 2 weeks ago. He was mildly encouraged by the last drop in numbers (from 2580 to 2030) and as a result, approved a 7th cycle of velcade with steroids. That starts on Monday, after a much needed 2 week break from the chemo. It also feels a long way from the depths of the sadness when I was told, after 4 cycles, that I wouldn't qualify for continued participation in the study. Yes, the roller coaster ride continues. Anyway, labs will be drawn on Monday with results on Thursday. What's next? don't know until the results are in. But I am generally feeling good--especially when I think about where I was last summer.

The family continues to take care of me--not just Susan, Catherine and Julia, but also my mother, brothers and sister. As you know my mother was here in April when Susan was in Medjagorie (sp?). Tom was here for the Memorial Day weekend and, as is our practice, we put him to work. He once again reorganized the garage--after the girls moved home and deposited more "stuff" in my parking space. His last day Susan presented him with the proverbial "to do list", which he completed with a smile. The house keeps running thanks to everyone else.

Susan and the girls also just returned from a long week at Scotsdale, AZ, thanks to Susan's cousin Eileen, who used her frequent flier miles or customer points, or something like that, to book a room at a local spa for the "girls". While initially it was to be a 4 day stay just for Susan and Catherine, as a graduation present for Catherine, Eileen later decided that she and Julia needed to join them. So, Catherine and Susan spent Monday through Friday there, and Eileen and Julia spent Thursday through Monday there--overlapping on the Thursday. They all look appropriately bronzed and relaxed. Eileen's generosity has us all overwhelmed. We are truly enjoying her being in Denver on assignment and will certainly miss her when she finishes her job here (I continue to receive a weekly package of home made cookies, which I'll also miss) But, what a nice gift from Eileen for the three ladies who took such good care of me this past year.

Next week more than 20 of my high school friends (24 is the current number) will be descending upon Denver for a 36th reunion of the class of 1970. This event was the brainchild of a couple of friends (as I understand it that would be Brian Bogner, Jim Weiler, and Wayne Hutsenbiler) as a way to boost my spirits as well as to just get together after too many years. The event has exploded into a guys weekend out, with golf, ROckies baseball, a reception at my law firm for "beer and brats" and lots of story telling.(No, I'm not playing golf but think I can manage driving the beer cart) The emails in preparation for this event have been numerous and hilarious. Initially I thought there would be 6 or 7 guys, but it has grown into this "can't be missed" weekend. I continue to marvel at the number of friends who are coming to Denver and count this, among so many other things, as one of the disguised blessings of this nasty disease. I will let you know if Denver survives the weekend onslaught of North Dakotans.

So that's the news. If this is sounding more like a normal life, then here's to it. It is actually beginning to feel that way too. While I still have my health issues, I have come to appreciate that while this is not a life that anyone would script for themselves, it is my life and thanks to all those who are in my life, it still brings me much joy and happiness and for that and all those who make it so, I am thankful. Love, Dan


alexis williams said...

i am one of those people who read your blog on a regular basis, and though i don't leave comments often, my thoughts are often with you. good to know that you are continuing on a 'normal life' path.

Sailor Hawkins said...

Your life, family, and blogs have been such a spiritual lift for my life that I often find myself speechless!!! That is a miracle.

Here's to summer healing. Love, Sailor

Patty Nelms said...

Nice to read an update Dan! I am so excited for your reunion as I'm sure it will be filled with love, laughter and plenty of beer!

Stay the course. You're doing a great job.
Love you,

Sailor Hawkins said...

Dear Dan, Dan the Bicycle Man,

Seriously, do you and your family want to meet the Dalai Llama? Please go the the Peacejam website and check out the dates of September 15, 16, and 17 th? If nothing works for you 'll, please let me know. Thanks.

Here's to summer healing. Love, Sailor

Sailor Hawkins said...

Dear Your Holiness,

Sorry for the misspell! I apologize. Happy day to you and all.

Love, Sailor

Beth Klein said...


Hey Superlawyer, travler, recoverer. Good digits.