Saturday, September 30, 2006


We have raised $12,750 to date thanks to all of you and many others who may not be bloggers. The Light the Night walk was a great event. We had a beautiful fall evening for the walk and about 20 walkers showed up to walk on my team. The total turnout for the walk was probably in excess of 2000 people, each walking the 2 miles with a lighted balloon. (the furthest I've walked in 2 years!) Thank you to everyone who donated and who walked. It lifted my spirits, and other survivors as well.

Inspired by Thursday night's walk, and wanting to enjoy our beautiful fall weather, I took a 2 1/2 mile walk this morning. I'm feeling quite well, despite the surgery of 2 1/2 weeks ago. My good feelings are no doubt attributable to the absence of any chemo for the past month. The absence of those drugs, and my increased energy, always awaken me to how much those drugs fatigue me. I'm not looking forward to a return to that regime and am hoping that this coming Monday's visit with Dr. Rifkin will bring news of another week off--in the interest of allowing me further time to heal.

I have heard the clamor for Julia's picture, but I can't figure out how to download it onto this site. I will forward it to Ted and ask him to send to his son, Glen, who does all our photo postings.

I will probably get some myeloma numbers later next week, and if so, I'll let you know how my numbers are after this month off from the chemo. Keep your fingers crossed!

Much love to all,

Post Script: Monday morning: Had my blood drawn for myeloma testing but no visit with the doctor and no chemo. I was advised that Rifkin will see me the end of next week, and make decisions then about when to reinstitute the chemo regime--he wants to give me ample time to heal from surgery. While Susan and I are a bit nervous about being off of chemo for almost 5 weeks, I welcomed the news, as I was really not looking forward to a return of the chemo rollercoaster.


Arlene said...


Really glad to hear that you made the whole walk. Not that I could expect any less from you!

Can't wait to see Julia's picture. Good luck at the doctor's tomorrow. Look forward to hearing from you after your visit.


Sailor Hawkins said...


Actually 21 walkers were there! The older, the shorter, the less well I see:) I had a joyous time but never connected with your group. I am still receiving donations from my efforts at fund raising. Thursday evening was absolutely amazing!!! Thank you for inspiring me to get involved.