Monday, May 12, 2008

Stable Statistics Sprout a New Start

How's that for alliteration? Now, what does it mean? Numbers are about the same. Igg's up 100 points, to 1750, but nothing looks alarming. The M-protein (detects the presence of the myeloma protein) is 1.2--the same as last month. It has been as high as 2.5. If I were in remission it would be 0, but 1.2 is a good number for me. Other measures are about where they were last month, so I think it's safe to say I'm holding my own. Given that I missed one dose of chemo in the last cycle due to the flu/pneumonia, these numbers are just fine with me.

The new start refers to my resuming my swimming. I swam all last summer, when I was not on chemo, but haven't been back in the pool since restarting my chemo last September--just too tied most of the time. Feeling pretty good today, and with my white count in the normal range, I ventured back to the pool. While it felt good, it was disappointing to discover that I am a long way from the condition I was in last September. I was only able to swim 20 laps, which is about 25 to 30% of what I was swimming last August. Oh well, it'll give me something to work on. I have managed to drop 35 pounds over the winter, which should give me greater speed, don't you think? It is nice to have finally rid myself of the weight the steroids packed on me a couple of years ago. Fat boy no more! Although I'm still on the 'roids, I was deeply motivated to lose the weight---all prompted by Julia's comment last fall that I ran like a bowling ball. I'm not sure how a bowling ball runs, but the image disturbed me greatly. This makes me wonder if I swim like a bowling ball.

That's all the news here. Susan is pulling out of her bout with the crud. Julia returns from school tomorrow for the summer, and Catherine continues to keep a watchful eye on the financial markets. Have a great May and I'll probably check in with you with the next numbers in mid June, unless something exciting happens.



Arlene said...

Ok, so you still didn't resend the "e-mail"

Also, you need to check out I will call for comments.


Ingrid said...

Great news, wonderful to read.
Susan told me on the phone about your overwhelming weight loss for which I need to write you my congrats. Amazing !!!

And swimming 20 laps is still a very good accomplishment, and I know also the pool. So, instead of being disappointed, figure how great it is, that you made even 20 laps. Only loosing 35 pounds means that you do not have all the power you had, so be more than happy about the weight loss AND 20 laps. Maybe next week it will be 22 laps and so on.
Also the numbers are great, with one cycle of chemo less than scheduled, DUE to that flu, which could have been a double knock down. Instead it is not.
I think you have a whole lot to be happy about.

And even if you write that there will be no blog until mid June, remember, I love to read also simply how many laps you did one day, so I will continue to check it out.