Wednesday, May 28, 2008

For Ingrid

36 laps.


Brendan O'Malley said...

Hi Dan! I am taking a shot...I once did a play with the younger Ted Bettridge and your blog came up when I googled him. I'd love to get in touch with him...could you see fit to contact him and ask him to email me at

it would mean an awful lot to me.

Ingrid said...

That was reeeeeeeeeally nice, not understanding the post of the 36 laps, therefore calling you, and getting YOU on the phone.

So for all the other bloggers who ask themselves what 36 laps means: it is Dan's swimming result, which right now he told me got even to 40 laps in only 35 minutes.

What a great result, what a great increase of laps, I am so proud of you.

And mostly I'm happy that I could hear you again, your calm voice, it was just wonderful, thank you.

I'm looking forward to the next post which might come on Monday ?? Or next Thursday ?? We will see.

Night, night,