Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Arkansas Connections

As I considered the narrowing options for my next chemo regime, I decided that seeking a second opinion might not be a bad idea. Fortunately, last month I met a research biologist at National Jewish Hospital here in Denver. He graciously agreed to meet me for lunch a few weeks ago, and even more graciously offered to put me in contact with the chief doctor at the Myeloma Institute at the University of Arkansas, which is the world's largest myeloma treatment center. The Institute was founded and funded by Sam Walton, of WalMart fame. Mr. Walton, it seems, had myeloma also. Anyway, I am now in communication with Dr. Barlogie's chief nurse and hope to have either a telephone or in person consult with him about his recommendations for my future treatment. I will then discuss those with Rifkin and we'll make a decision about how to proceed. I am scheduled to see Rifkin on Monday and he will have his recommendation for me at that time. I had hoped to have completed the consult with Dr. Barlogie by then, but things are proceeding a little more slowly on that front.

I've been off chemo for 3 weeks now and it is great. Finally, after 14 months of the steroid roller coaster and the velcade fatigue, I feel like I'm clearing out. It's a short respite, but most welcome.

I'll post something as soon as something develops.
Love to all,

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