Sunday, March 15, 2009

And So It Goes

The weeks continue to present new and unexpected challenges. I survived the two bone marrow biopsies and had my chemo bag removed a week ago Friday, then promptly spiked a high fever and found myself on a different course this past week than aniticipated. We were dealing with daily lengthy visits to the clinic from Saturday through Monday, trying to keep my fevers of 103 to 104 in check. We saw Barlogie on Tuesday and put me in the hospital, and I'm still there. Seems despite a flu shot and tamiflu, I got the flu. Right at the time my white count was as low as it could go, so absolutely no immune system to fight. The biggest concern being not just in shutting down this viral influenza, but also making sure I don't pick up something else while I'm so immune suppressed. Fevers are lower but still pop up around 102 at night. I've been pumped full of more antibiotics, etc than I could recount. Hoping to get out of here by tomorrow, but it could be a couple of more days. Then some recovery time. While the meeting with Barlogie was supposed to discuss the plan going forward, we spent little time on that given my fevers. We'll keep you informed. Thanks for all your good wishes.
Much love to all,


Brett said...

I'm sorry you hit this most recent setback, my friend. But like the cancer, the flu does not know with whom it is dealing. I know the litigator in you will step forth and kick its butt! Godspeed for a quick recovery.

Ingrid said...

I knew there was something wrong, too many days with no news.
Of course it's easy to pick the flu, while not having an imune system, and I'm wondering, whether it hit YOU down, no word about how YOU're doing in all of that.
But thanks for updating at least with temperatures.
So let's hope they get this flu quickly out of your body, in order to continue your journey.
Don't lose your power to fight, too many people want to hug you again. I'm one of them !!!


sigun said...

Dear Dan,

Tough luck, this damn bug. Heard you coughing while I spoke to Susan. Hope you get out of the hospital soon. Bises, Sigun.

shawnandjaike said...

Wow, I too was wondering what was happening with such a long time off the airwaves. Hope that you are home today. God bless, hugs to you and Susan.

Joni said...

Dan, we're sending you all kinds of "Kick the flu's butt" vibes! Feel better really soon, and keep us posted! We miss you!

Joni, Amanda and Tamara

mcbush said...

Dear Dan:

Well, this is a heck of a way to prepare for St. Paddy's Day! Have you suggested they put some expensive Irish whiskey in your IV? SHEESH. Sounds like I may have to go back to Arkansas and straighten these folks out!

I send you all good wishes and know that you are loved, supported and cheered on!

Slainte, mari