Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I was finally discharged from the hospital last night; after a week of having my sleep interrupted every 2 hours, and feeling like a caged tiger. For the first 4 days I was in "isolation", which I was told meant I couldn't leave my room. Then the ban was lifted and I was able to walk the halls. Discharging diagnosis: influenza and viral pneumonia. We're now trying to get tests scheduled but so far, no cooperation from the insurance company. Had 2 tests cancelled today due to nonapproval. In the meantime, we will continue to go in daily for lab work, a growth shot, and infusion of antibiotics. The blood counts are gradually coming up and the infection index going down. We'll see Barlogie after we get testing done I suspect. I need as much time as I can get to recover from this episode. In addition to just feeling weak, I dropped 12 pounds over the 10 days. Not a diet I would recommend. Susan has been such a champion through this. How utterly boring for her to choose between sitting in a hospital room or coming back to an emptly apartment. When the hospital food turned my stomach she ran out to find something more palatable. She would come into the room every day and "straighten up" as they weren't very good about that. She ripped a few doctors and nurses about the care I was receiving and has shown despite 30 years in Denver, New York continues to run in her veins. What would I do without my Suz?

We've received some beautiful and thoughtful notes from a number of people, as well as some gorgeous flower arrangements that bring life and light to the apartment. We are so appreciative of all your support and please know we feel as though you continue to carry us.


bemiller said...

Hi Dan & Family,
I've been reading your blog since you became ill & decided it was time to drop you a line! It takes a true North Dakotan to travel the journey you have been on. What a hero you are! Ernie's oncologist in Bismarck, Dr. Rao (Phooshkooru), from India, did a fellowhsip under Dr. Barlogie! We are blessed to have Dr. Rao, as he is young & really "on top" of different treatments for all types of cancer. PLUS, he spends time with you, until he answers all of our questions. Hard to find a doctor like that anymore!! It's all about the almighty $$!! Ernie is doing great - just the normal fatigue after weekly chemo. He is still working! We have a caringbridge website: type in ernestmiller. You are on our daily prayer list of all the people we know who are having serious health issues - the list seems to grow weekly! Hang in there Dan - I know what you and your family are going through. "There is no program for the concert of life."

John said...

Hey Dan;

Good to hear you've been released and seem to be enduring the surprises that come with immune suppression. Like you, I anticipate learning what Dr. B says about your plan going forward.

Be well.