Sunday, February 14, 2010

The past 2 weeks have presented yet a couple of more challenges. A cough/cold/wheeze lead to an early discontinuation of revlimid. Rifkin cancelled my last week of revlimid to allow my lungs to recover. The CT scan brought some relief, as it showed no pneumonia. But my immune system is ill equipped to deal with cold symptoms, etc. It just takes about twice as long to rid myself of the crud. During this fight with the crud (I get it every February), I got hit with the worst of the steroid withdrawal, including the shakes (DT's?). This has not been fun, but today it feels like I'm come through the worst. I've got one week left of low level steroids (10 mg. every other day). So, enough of my complaints. Everything is a go at M.D. Anderson. My brother has been through a couple of days of testing and they'll harvest his stem cells within a week to 10 days. Susan and Julia will depart in Susan's little Subaru on Feb. 26th and I'll follow by air the next day. Testing starts March 1.

Catherine will start training for the NYC triathalon in about a week. She is doing this to raise money for the Leukemia Society. Check out her web page:

I'll try to provide one more post before we start our sojourn to the south.

Love to all,


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sigun said...

Dear Dan,

So glad you are feeling better, as Suz told me over the phone. Sorry we won't be in touch when you leave for Houston -- we're leaving for Dubai on Feb 24 and won't be back until March 3. But we'll be with you in our thoughts and prayers on this big journey.Bises, Sigun.