Monday, April 12, 2010

A Week at Home

The past week has been "relatively" uneventful. I still have my 5 hour daily visit to the clinic to get blood drawn and fluids. So far, I've only needed one neupogyn shot, which took my white count from 2.5 to 26.0 in one day. Whoa. slow down Mike. But I feel great about not needing transfusions of either red cells or platelets. The stability of my blood counts makes Dr. Giralt even more confident that Mike's cells have engrafted, as he doesn't think my cells would perform this well--I agree. In fact, he is quite pleased with my progress so far. That being said, it hasn't been a cake walk. It seems I'm plagued with either vomiting or something similar. Par for the course. And I don't think I've ever slept so much in my life.

And Susan is cleaning up the place with a vengence. Last night she was out in her brother's garage, of all places, moving things, dragging things out. Her brother seems to be the beneficiary of her channeling of all her nervous energy. Of course, I think it's the least "we" can do for intruding on his living space for 4 months. But he and Suze are having a good time, as I sleep my life away. They also are eating some fine food, as Houston has many great restaurants. Unfortunately, my appetite is also asleep.

Houston is quite nice this time of year, at least from the inside of the house or clinic looking out. My doc says stay in the house for another couple of weeks to avoid the pollen. It does feel like house arrest.

So far, so good. Still anxious to get back home, but doing well under the circumstances.
Thanks to all the MM survivors who have jumped on the blog to send their good wishes. Julia called me the other night, "dad, who is Steve Ritter? How do you know him?" Well, I know him only by his blog. "Well, he certainly is a nice man," she responded. Yes, all of you who continue to support us are very nice, indeed. Thank you.


tim's wife said...

Such wonderful news. Hope that nausea simmers down for ya though. It's a miserable feeling but temporary, I'm sure. Keep up the good work!!!
And if you don't get out of dodge before the heat and humidity hits,
at least you won't have to worry about the bad hair days! While everyone else starts looking like
Roseanne Rosannadanna, you'll be smoothly coifed. ;o)

Steven L. Ritter said...

I'm glad I can help... It's nice to be noticed... But.. to be honest, the blessings are mine. I learn so much from reading your blog. How to be positive, how to be prepared. I learned about how important family is. Brothers that are willing to give all they have. A wife who will be there each and every day...and clean garages. A brother who is willing to put his schedule on hold to have you in his home. Keep writing of these things.. they are a blessing to the reader. Keep getting better and don't worry about sleeping so much. Your body will wake up when it is ready. Praying daily...

Patricia Michael Melnice said...

Hello my friends!
I am so encouraged to hear you are doing well. Mike ROCKS!! Soon this will be a memory and you'll be joining Suze at a wonderful restaurant . . . (not Zaidy's Dan!) . I am keeping watch and hoping I can see you before taking off for Africa again. No solid plans yet but things are beginning to come together. I am thinking August - (?). I shall make a trip to Houston if need be.

I hold you in prayer daily and I believe you are nothing less than a miracle.
I love you both dearly! Let me know if you need anything on this end.

Sandy said...

Blog notes are like little "get well" cards without the waste of paper, aren't they? Just popping in to let you know I'm out here in the Blogosphere sending you good intentions for engrafting and getting all the cells lined up to put you back into your life with your wife.... funny how we use cleaning and tidying up as a way to take control over a situation that seems beyond our control. Prayers for both of you during this recovery time.

Jeffery said...

Please tell Susan when she's finished in Houston, my garage in Denver could use some attention... and it is not getting it from me :)

I think the "really nice" spring weather is awaiting your return Dan, so please hurry home.

I know for you right now continued healing and a return to perfect health, wholeness and harmony (your true essense).

This to shall pass.

I'm grateful for the amazing progess you continue to make and look forward to visiting you in person again soon.

Love and light -


Barbara said...

Continue your good recovery.. we all wish you well in MMville..