Friday, November 04, 2005

Friday's VIsit

Another 2 1/2 hours at the clinic today. Can't seem to keep the potassium in me so IV's on a daily basis for awhile. If it continues, we think we'll have Susan learn to do this at home so we don't have to drive to the clinic everyday. Susan always wanted to be a nurse (NOT!), but she is willing to learn. What a sweetheart she is. Speaking of sweethearts, so also is my sister. She left last night. I called her this morning and told her I was back on the daily visits to the clinic and we needed her back. Much to my amazement she said, "well, if you need me, I'll be there." I guess she's forgotten I have a cruel sense of humor. Anyway, I told her to stay home for awhile. My numbers are still doing what they are supposed to, although the white count and neutrophils are still quite low as we wait for the immune system to rebuild. The internal rebuilding effort apparently is the explanation for the exhaustion. It's weird to be so tired from doing nothing (at least on the outside), but I guess the work is invisible to the eye. All in all I continue to do well. Next report will be Monday, probably afternoon. Have a nice weekend everyone. The last few weeks here in Colorado have been fantastic fall weather. Love, Dan


Arlene said...


Thanks for the update. I logged on a few times today anticipating the update. You guys take it slow, soak up some of that fantastic fall weather.

Rest and continue to heal and grow strong.



Dorothy said...

Good Evening, If nurse Susan needs a hand she knows where to call!! It has been a great fall season and it was great weather for the "trick or treaters". As usual we only had a handful and Rebecca is now requesting we not go with her, How did that happen!!! Take care and know we are here if you need us. Sunday we will light the candles for all of the Pattersons! Love The Seals

Mrs. Joshwick said...

Dan, I'll be ringing your doorbell Saturday, the 12th, to drive you around for a few days. Thought we'd hit a few bars and maybe eat some triple cheeseburgers(Western Grill like--3 patties,3 pieces of cheese, 3 slices of onion, some hashbrowns and a glass of milk). I'll get you home by 2:00AM. I'm not polishing silver, though.
Love you, Mrs. J

Tom said...

I am pleased to hear that all continues go well - yeah the daily trips to the hospital are a drag, but they'll soon end. I can tell from you voice that you are doing well. I'm with you all the way!



Arlene said...


This is a test to see if we can let everyone see Danny boy and Jessica Simpson in the big hot Fountain boat. Bear with me.

Arlene said...

test2 because test 1 didn't work.

Arlene said...

SUCCESS - double click on the picture and view full size -

Dan and Jessica jumping the waves! :)

Dan said...

caught again by the paparazzi. I hate it when that happens

Dan's Mom said...

I have a question for Ted. I have a picture I was going to send you for the book but my husband,Bob,says that it is not right. It is a picture of me with Mike,Tom,Dan and Kathy. Bob says Ted just wants individual pictures. Please tell me if that is okay or if I have to find one of me alone. Once again I want to thank you for all you have done for Dan. Love, Joan(Dan's Mom)

katescheeler said...

Hello Dan,

Even though I left Denver last week in tears because it was hard to say good-bye, I felt good about seeing how well you are doing after your transplant. I also was reassured by seeing your doctor who is very knowledgeable about advances in the treatment of myeloma. Knowing that you are in the good hands of your doctor and the loving arms of all your wonderful friends, makes it easier to be so far away. Take it slow and your strength will return.


Brother Ted said...

Dear "DANS MOM," We accept any and all pictures. Send whatever you want and we will use it. Again, all of you bloggers and non-bloggers are invited to send phots and comments for the Blog Book or the Circle of Friends Book. Photos and comments can be sent to or via snail mail to 4296 Grove St, Denver, CO 80211

sigunjoe said...

Dear Dan,

Joe just spent a little over an hour setting this 'commentaire' up for me. Can you believe that all the instructions were in French?! Anyway, I do hope this time it will work. I will writer you a long note next time, but this time I just want to make sure my 'commentaire' gets to you, so please ask Suz to send me a one-line e-mail telling me you did get it. Hope you are feeling stronger every day. Bises, Sigun.