Monday, November 07, 2005

Numbers, Potassium, and Going to the Office

It is four weeks to the day since I was admitted to the hospital and given high dose chemo. Today's clinic visit revealed that my numbers remain about the same. White cells at 2.7, anc (neutrophils) 1.1, but platelets are up to 70. Once I finish with the potassium I should be able to get my catheter out of my chest. I have 2 more visits this week (Wed and Fri) to get IV potassium and blood work. In the meantime I have taken to eating potassium rich foods such as bananas, dried apricots, baked potatoes, etc. All in all my doctor continues to be very pleased with my progress.

Having not "crashed" for 4 or 5 days, I thought another visit to the office might pick up my mental spirits. So Susan packed me a lunch and off I went late this morning for a 1 1/2 visit. Let's see, I looked through some mail, emailed some friends, talked on the phone with some friends, talked with some of my friends in the office, and of course, ate my lunch. I don't have the stamina or concentration to do any real legal work, but at least I went through some familiar motions today and it felt good. We'll see how I feel tomorrow before I decide whether I have another visit in me this week. Next blog posting will be sometime Wednesday. Love, Dan


Dorothy said...

Good Evening Dan. I'm sure being in a different environment felt good even if it is one that you were so familiar with before! Work can be good diversion. Take care and I will send some goodies home with Susan tomorrow night! We lit our candles last night and prayed that "Dan the Man" would be OK. Love The Seals

Patty Nelms said...

Hi Dan!
Nice to hear your voice the other day. You sound great and from what you claim, you are looking mighty fine too! Can't wait to see you. Glad to hear you're getting out into this fall air, but work??! I'd like to see you next week when I have some time off. I'll ring you and see if you're up for it. You take care and I'll continue to send you healing energy. Love to you, Susan and the girls.

Lynne said...

Hi Dan,
After talking with you last Sunday, Mike took me out in our little dinghy for some fishing. The weather was beautiful and the fish were biting. I caught and released my biggest fish yet, a 25 inch, 6 1/2 pound wallye! The way my pole bent, I thought I'd snagged a sturgeon! Mike caught smaller ones that we kept and cooked for dinner. If you're ever in the mood for some "wilderness", maybe you can join us for some fishing one day! Hang in there, Dan, and know that we're thinking of you, Susan and the girls always.

Rich Boulger said...


Since my last note I have been basking in the status of making the front page of the blog. I appreciate the kind thoughts and delighted that you share good memories of days past. It is great to hear that you are getting out and about as I am sure that being pent up has been difficult in and of itself. I am going to be passing through Denver early next week and I would love to stop by for a few minutes if you are up to it. I will give a call to check you schedule and figure out a time to meet for a brief get together. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Our kids have been asking about how you are doing. They are praying for you also. Talk to you soon. Love, Rich

Brother Ted said...

Good morning my friend, Just a quick hello.