Friday, November 18, 2005

Portless in Denver

I had my port (Hickman catheter) removed this morning at the hospital (7 a.m. appointment, arrgghhh). It was done under a local anesthetic by the same interventional radiologist who put it in 4 months ago. Quite uneventful and should be healed within a few days. I no longer look like a Christmas tree! These days feel like I am, oh so slowly, returning to some normalcy and it sure feels good. (Howie, I have always considered myself ,"Mr. Common Sense, a Man of the People", so I don't know what you mean by I don't know what is normal.) I commented to Susan over breakfast this morning (3rd time we've eaten out since Wednesday night--making up for the last 6 months) that I thought we were getting along even better than we did before I was diagnosed. Her response: "well, that's because you're nicer Dan." We laughed as I responded, "oh, you haven't changed at all as a result of the last 6 months." Having been forced to confront what is really important in life, it seems we have no ability to argue or even disagree about the smaller things. Or, maybe I'm just nicer, as Suz suggests. Have a great weekend everyone. Love, Dan

P.S. to Jaike: what are you smokin?


Molly said...

congrats on having the catheter removed and being normal again! :)

Arlene said...

Glad to hear that you are working on your nice factor! Keep up the good work and have a great great weekend!

Lynne said...

Even after so many years, I can remember Susan's laugh. It's a great one, isn't it?! You two have a great weekend! Love, Lynne

Rich Boulger said...

Dan and Susan,

It was great to see both of you, and of course Mrs. Joshwick, on Monday. I am back to sea level (and blogging) in Chicago.

Your note of today reminded me of an interesting and thought provoking line from the stage play/movie Harvey. Elwood P. Dowd (played by Jimmy Stewart in the movie) says "In this world you can be ever so smart or ever so pleasant. For years I was smart, I think I prefer pleasant."

My kids were eager to find out if you got/liked the letters they sent. I told Erin about your comment about her reference to me being your "real" cousin. You asked if that made her a "fake" cousin. She said that you sounded like me (I don't think she meant it as a compliment). They were delighted that you enjoyed the letters.

I will hold you to the wiffle ball game in Chicago next summer. We can probably throw in a White Sox game while you are here.

Thanks for hospitality (no pun intended) during my visit. I will find a way to stop by again soon I hope. Love, Rich

sigunjoe said...

Chers amis,

Such wonderful news about the removal of the catheter, Dan. You will be able to sleep so much easier.

We got almost everything ready for our Christmas Fair yesterday. People will start coming at 10, so before that I will go to the marche you know so well and pick up the sliced Gruyere and sweet butter I ordered from Isabelle and 8 long baguettes; I promised my crew sandwiches today for lunch. I'll open a few bottles of red, and then people will take turns going down to the kitchen, to drink 'un coup de rouge' and eat their sandwich.

As far as the silent auction is concerned, I bid 80 Euros on the six bottles of Taillevent Chablis and I also bid on the two cooking classes of the Cordon Bleu. If I get one of these classes, Suz, you and I will go when you come for your annual visit.

And now I must run. Dan, enjoy your newly won freedom!! We love you. Bises, Sigun.

Patty Nelms said...

Hey Dan!

Great news . . . no catheter!! I don't think you realize what a nuisance those things are until they're gone. You should feel very free. I'm so happy to hear you're out and about, cruising town. Can't wait to see you this coming week. Hugs to all your girls.
Love, P

Tom said...

Glad the port is gone. Live it up! You and Susan are so lucky to have each other!!

News flash - for Spike too - am in Istanbul . . . and . . . THE BULL IS STILL STANDING!!

Off for Poland tomorrow -



Mrs. Joshwick said...

News Bulletin for those wondering who Howie is: Howie was known by those that weren't close friends as "Horrible Howard", and by close, dear friends simply as "Horrible".
Affectionately, Mrs. Joshwick

Ingrid said...

Hello to everybody, especially to all the bloggers that are not here in Denver and therefore have no possibility to visit with Dan.

I'm sorry I do not write so often now, but will for sure again when I'm back in Italy.

So for all who did not see Dan in a long time, well, today I took a walk with Dan here in the Cherry Creek North, in our neighborhood (no idea how you spell that, sorry).
It is sunny here in Denver and we had a wonderful walk. He complained for being slow, and I said, that it was just perfect for me, I really enjoyed it a lot.
And to tell you all the truth, I was even proud and honored that I could go out for a walk with our great Dan.
And for all his complaining, I want to let you know, that during all the time of our walk we were talking and he did not get out of breath, he just did fine.
It is so great to be here and see all his progress, which he calls to be so slow, but which I consider so wonderful and great. Almost every day there is something more that he is able to do, like improving the weight lifting he does and and and.
Well done Dan, and so well done also Susan, I love you both !!!

sigunjoe said...

Chers amis,

No news from Dan -- that is good news -- it means that you are slowly but surely getting stronger by the day. Glad you take daily walks and that you even weight-lift (thanks for that detail, Ingrid!)

Life is getting back to normal for me. The Christmas Fair was a big success. We netted 5,300 Euros, which is roughly a little over $6,000. Joe and Guy were in the 'cage', guarding the door of the Cathedral, and both had a great time, talking, talking. There is a heart-wrming camaraderie that is created when a bunch of us prepare such an event, it is really very nice. The silent auction alone brought in !,830 Euros! I was proud of that. The three items of Taillevent brought in 620 Euros!!

One small thing I know you will smile at: on the silent auction I offered my services to cook a dinner for 8; the hostess does the shopping and I do the cooking. Well, guess how much I am worth for one evening?? 200 Euros!

What are you guys doing on Thanksgiving?? The girls will be home, of course. Are you cooking, Suz? We are having the Morrisons, our young neighbor (editor of The Heral Trib) and Mary Blake, the painter. Suz, Mary asked what she could bring. I said nothing, that I would do the cooking. Remember her studio?!

Bises, Sigun.