Saturday, January 31, 2009

Coming Out of the Fog

The last couple of days I've seen an uptick in energy, slept less, and am hoping we are nearing stem cell collection. Blood chemistries were a bit whacked out this week, requiring a couple of transfusions and multiple infusions of potassium and magnesium. I'm told the bone marrow uses those elements to produce cells, so that is probably why mine are depleted. My white cell count seems to be rising, albeit slowly, but I'm hopeful that by next Tuesday or so we'll see a jump and they will want to collect cells, thereby ending the shots in the stomach, which aren't so painful, but I wince every time I'm subjected to it. This morning's nurse said she thought we would definitely be collecting sometime this week. We see the doctor on Monday and I should get an update on the status of the cancer levels and maybe an indication whether I'm likely to have to go through another chemo regime before transplant.

Hair loss is setting in again. Yes, I know, I've had this condition since I was about 26 years old, but clumps of hair are now dropping off and within a couple of weeks the bald dome will reemerge. I'm told that look is now "hot". Can't wait to be "hot"!

Little Rock continues to be Little Rock. We miss Denver and our friends.


Ingrid said...

So, now, you're not only great, but become even "hot", wow, Susan watch out !!!

Jokes apart, it is so great that you still have your sense of humor, there is nothing that pays for that, you can find that only inside of yourself.

Btw, I saw you posted this blog already Saturday, well let me tell you, I was checking the blog several times since Saturday, (as well as all the other days before) and it was shown to me only today. I check it all the time now.

Strange that your posts get shown to me always on days, when I had a severe Hypo too, so, yes Dan, let's just continue to fight.

Would you mind to let me know somehow, what time difference you have with me now? With Denver it was 8 hours, is it the same or a little less, maybe only 7 hours.

And does Susan use her cell phone? Or do you have a phone number there, when I could call you guys?

Think of you all the time, and try to send you a lot of power.

Big hug,

John said...

Hi Dan;

I recently discovered your blog and am plowing my way thru the four years of treatments. Thank you for the diligence necessary for regular updates. I also have MM, DX in December of 07. I appreciate hearing from the source.

Best wishes going forward from a new fan.