Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday morning downtown Little Rock

Wandering about looking for a place to buy the New York Times and some sausage. Traffic feels like Denver on a Sunday morning. Slow. The local liquor store carries the Times, but only receives 2 copies at 8 a.m. Too late for that. I guess we'll have to line up outside the door in the morning, waiting with the others who await the opening in order to buy their MD 20/20 or other high class alcohol. Why sausage? Limited diet today--only protein until noon, then nothing but water for 6 hours in advance of the PET scan this evening. Bone marrow biopsy at 7:45 a.m. tomorrow, then meeting with Dr. Barlogie on Friday morning. If all is in order, I will then have my port installed in my artery to facilitate the drawing of blood or administration of IV drugs. Soon after I think they plan to harvest my stem cells, before they destroy the bone marrow with the chemo. I guess you could say we're off and running. Stay tuned.


Big Frank Dickinson said...

Little Rock sounds nice - and being downtown must be great. I'll be rooting for you all the way during this next treatment. Lots of love -

Molly said...

Dan and I are thinking of you and sending you our love!

joseph said...

Dan- The CRS team sends you their best. Susan has decided to "rag" on me on a regular basis so I won't miss you too much. I will do my very best taking care of your clients in your absence but I am sure that they'll be hoping for a great outcome and your return just as soon as that is possible. As for the NY Times you may have to resort to the internet version. As to sausage--you are on your own. Take care--Joe

Zach said...

I hope all goes well in Little Rock Dan. Erika and I are thinking of you.