Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hooked Up, Pumped Up, and Out of the Gate

We've spent more time waiting than getting treatment over the last few days, but they've now remedied that. I was hooked up to the 24 hour chemo bag today and will carry that around for 5 days, then we just watch and wait for the blood counts to drop, after which I'll get growth shots to stimulate stem cell production so they can harvest more stem cells for my transplant. We've spent about 7 hours each day at the clinic/hospital the last 2 days. Wears one out. This is a busy place. Saw Dr. Barlogie on Friday. Numbers are way up due to my not having any treatment over the last 2 months. It makes me nervous, but he said not to be concerned, we'll knock it down. So off we go. The protocol remains the same. We're settling into a nice condo we've rented with a nice view of the river and the city, including the Clinton library (I know this makes my conservative friends cringe). I've taught Julia Backgammon and she says she is now ready to take on any old men who might want to play--insinuating this is an old man's game. Well it wasn't when I learned it 30 years ago! Cate calls every night to check on us. She's so sweet and we all miss her, as she does us. I'll have to get my skype set up so we can do some face to face conversations. That's the state of affairs here in Little Rock. Thank you everyone for your cards, emails, calls, prayers and good wishes. We are very grateful for the support of all our family and friends.


Seal Family said...
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Seal Family said...

Just a quick note to say you are all in our prayers and we are sending positive thoughts. Love The Seal Family

Ingrid said...

OK, Dan,

seems tecnology is still pretty weird. I've checked the blog more times, wondering, that there was nothing since you left, and never found anything.
Well, finally today, even three posts.
I got tears in my eyes, your courage is well understood by me, but still, it frightens a little, doesn't it?
So let me invite you, to tell us all your weaknesses, don't worry, you anyway will stay our hero, we are here to read your success and your difficult path, just remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Big hug and love,