Thursday, March 04, 2010

Crossing the T's and Dotting the i's

We've finished the testing, met with Dr. Giralt and are awaiting hospital admission next Wednesday. The tests provided a bit of good news, i.e., nothing has worsened and the bone marrow is in much better shape than when I was here in October. My plasma cells were at 87% in October and the M protein was 3.7. Plasma is now 28% and M Protein 1.6. (Normal plasma cell levels are about 5%; M protein 0.) Dr. G was extremely pleased with my progress over the past 5 months, and commented twice during the half hour that I looked great. He also offered that when he saw me in October he wasn't at all confident the revlimid could put a dent in the myeloma.

He reviewed other options following transplant, including his plan to put me on either revlimid or pomalidomide 90 days after transplant. He strongly prefers pomalidomide but isn't sure it will be available for this application (post transplant) at that time, but if it is, then that is the course they'll follow. We discussed a few other options. This was quite a change from our meeting in October when I felt I had almost run out of options. Not to minimize the risks of this transplant, but they are thinking and planning beyond this transplant; and they actuallyhave some options available. Nice!

So I've got 5 more days before I'm locked up in the hospital for a month. In years past this might have been reason for a weekend of celebration, but not so anymore. But the weather in Houston has been very nice, almost springlike, so we'll probably try to spend some time outside.

That's it for now.
Love to all,

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Brother Ted said...

"You look marvelous!" what great words to hear. The numbers are also comforting. Have a great weekend.