Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Welcome Delay

All ready to check in last night, merely awaiting the call from admissions. Instead Dr. Giralt calls. There is one insurance approval that has not come through, they can't reach anyone at the insurance company, and he doesn't want to admit me and then have the insurance company disapprove. So, we get another evening off, which we once again use to go out and enjoy another fine meal. I expect I'll be admitted today, as insurance approval has come through.

I can't resist using this little glitch for a political "teaching" moment. I tend to scream everytime I hear those who are opposed to health care reform proclaim they don't want the government getting between them and their doctors. Who are they kidding? Under the current system there is a big old profit seeking insurance company sitting smack dab in between each of us and our doctors. Most medical procedures deemed necessary by our licensed and regulated doctors must nonetheless be approved by some unlicensed and unregulated insurance adjustor before the patient can receive the treatment. If this system isn't backwards then the sun doesn't rise in the east. I could not list the number of times in the last 5 years that I've had treatments denied or delayed, awaiting approval from some lesser trained and much less knowledgeable person, who isn't licensed to practice medicine but is allowed not only to second guess but to overrule my doctor's recommendations.

Enough. I'll let you know how the accomodations are once we're checked in.


Seal Family said...

Oh Dan I can "feel your pain" so to speak!! My mantra so much lately is " And you all think this is really OK?" Just wait, karma can be the pits!! Love to you all!! Dorothy Seal

Steven L. Ritter said...

Government Health Care... Speaking from my point of view...When I lost my job I applied for Government Health care, VA benefits. I'm a honorably discharged Marine. I have cancer and I'm unemployed... They were very nice... The nicely showed me to the door...No benefits.. My insurance company has paid all my claims and the doctors/hospitals have been great. When an insurance company turns your claim down, you can fight, you have options. When the government turns you down... well; you're done. I went as far as my congressman, the regional VA director and the director in Washington...No benefits. I'll keep my insurance. I have to be homeless and sell my home before I even come close to qualifying. Now if I divorce my wife...Well maybe that would do it. Problem with that is my wife just says no.

Good luck with your treatment.. Prayers coming your way.