Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy Birthday ???

Tomorrow presents a number of birthday options. First, the unquestionable: Mike will be 60 years old. WOW. talk about old! Happy Birthday Mike. We're sure glad you've made it this far. Now for the dilemna: Do I share in this birthday? Am I also 60, or at least partially so? I don't feel 60. Or did I have my birthday on March 19th when I received Mike's stem cells? If so, would that be my first birthday? or my 60th? It makes my head spin. I think I'll claim all dates as birthdays and (stealing a phrase from the NCAA) call it March Madness. Whatever the date and whichever the number, I'm glad to have this dilemna. March 23rd is also the 5 year year "anniversay" of my MM diagnosis, and to continue the celebration, March 26th marks the date, 33 years ago, when Susan and I first met on a 2000 mile blind date.

My course continues on the expected path. White count is now 0. In 3 days I'll start neupogyn shots which will I will receive for 7 to 10 days, to help wake up Mike's cells. This next week is predicted to be the low point of this transplant. Each day I'm feeling more tired, etc. But I'm still getting more than a mile of walking. "They got me going in circles....round and round we go."

Thank you everyone for the cards, emails, letters, and good wishes. We are very appreciative of your love and support.
Birthday wishes to all,


Steven L. Ritter said...

Happy Birthday Dan... Whatever day you choose... Keep walking and keep a positive attitude!

kathy phillips said...

Hi Cuz, You are an inspiration to all. Keep on walking and remember just how many people love you and are praying for you.
Happy Birthday!!!!
Love, the CA.cousin, Kathy

Sandy said...

Happy New Year, Happy New Day, Happy Birthday and may there be many more happy days ahead after Mike's cells wake up and start jitterbugging in your system...

Susie Hemingway said...

Take them all! you deserve to celebrate - Happy Birthday and good luck with everything.

John said...

Many Happy Birthdays!

I wish you many, many more!

Patricia Michael Melnice said...

I don't know Dan . . . I'm amazed at the lengths you'll go to just for some birthday attention!

I went to church today and did affirmative prayer for you afterwards with a Practitioner. It was nice!

I think of you every single day and every morning before rising, I give thanks for your complete recovery and restored vitality. Come home. I miss you already!

I love you both!
Susan, call if you need anything!