Friday, May 28, 2010

100% Mike

About 30 days ago they tested my blood to see what percent were Mike's cells and what percent were mine. I learned this week that Mike's cells have taken over. Of the cells tested 100% are Mike's. They have run the test again this week and we'll know the results in a few days, but don't expect much of a change, if any. I have no idea how they know one person's blood cell from another's, but they do. This is the goal--to have complete engraftment of Mike's cells. So it looks like we've accomplished that. For the sake of my own reputation I would have preferred to see my cells hold out a little longer instead of just rolling over for the Big Fella, but so be it. This transmogrification also explains some recent quirks in my behavior, to wit, being much more obnoxious, constantly straightening up the house, eating only a vegan diet, a feeling of superiority over other human beings, and an insatiable craving for a drink. No coincidence that these are traits of the Big Fella.

Plans are underway for my return to Denver, although it's still 3 to 4 weeks away. Susan and I have an appointment for a discharge class where we're going to learn everything necessary to keep me healthy once I leave the care of MDA. Having gone through 2 transplants, I suspect we know most of it, but they won't let me leave until we attend the class. I'm also wrapping up my physical therapy, continuing to stun them with my peak performances. And I have to have a complete pulminary workup but that has been delayed due to my cough and para influenza. We had hoped to get away for the long weekend, by going to San Antonio or Austin or to visit Mike, but they scuttled any travel plans---you must stay in the Houston area. Hmph.

That's about it. Not much new. Have a pleasant and fun filled Memorial Day weekend.


Nick said...

Great news, Dan!!!!

Have a terrific weekend!

Mom said...

I do not know if I can handle two Mikes in the family. Just kidding,Mike. That is wonderful news. I am delighted. Isn't science wonderful? Love,Mom

Rebecca Weber said...

This is wonderful news Dan! And your post was so funny about Mike. I am so happy for you. I have followed you because my sisters have agreed to be donors and I wanted to know what someone having an allo experienced. You have given me hope.

I also loved your Mom's comment.

Rebecca Weber

Steven L. Ritter said...

Great news.... Glad that you tearing up the physical fitness...Not sure about the vegan being a carnivore and all.... Keep up the good work and get home on time!

sailor said...

Dear Dan and Susan,
This made me laugh, and can't t wait until you are home again! Prayers and love to all! This is a perfect time of year here, you'll see everything is in bloom!

Hug;s, Sailor