Saturday, May 08, 2010

Getting Rid of the Roach

I feel compelled to write another post just to get that creepy roach off the screen. Everything remains stable, so much so that they cancelled my clinic visit on Thursday. I'm still technically on a 2 day a week schedule to be at the clinic. I can't adequately express the relief in not having to go to the clinic every day. Those times and the hospitalizations make me feel as if my life is nothing more than getting treatment, 24/7. Now that my visits are less frequent I feel like I'm gradually returning to life. We've been out to lunch and dinner. I even went shopping with Suz yesterday. Of course I needed a nap after that outing!

We continue to be guarded about my recovery, having been burned by bad news more than once. That being said, this feels different. I am so relieved my counts are stable and that I haven't gotten really sick. I am very happy with MD Anderson and the way they run their clinic. I am also very pleased that my doctors have a longer term plan to keep attacking this disease. They've discussed with me two new clinical trials as possibilities to further reduce the myeloma. I feel better than I have in a year and a half (must be due to those weeks when I was sleeping 16 hours a day). I continue to lobby for early release but my doctor isn't giving in (not yet anyway). We're still looking at a return to Denver sometime in late June.

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms who are reading this, especially my mother, who prays for me daily and repeatedly assures me I'll be OK. Mothers know about those things so I'm sure she's right.


kdorkian said...

Such good news Dan! Prayers and gentle hugs continue for you.
Rebecca Weber

David said...

Dan - Thanks for sharing the good news with your fam,and for moving the roach down the queue,. You're right about your mom I'm sure. We continue to think about you all and pray for better and better results. Dave C

sailor said...

Dear Dan and Susan,

Hugs and prayers as always! Keep on keeping!!!

Love, Sailor

Susie Hemingway said...

I bet your Mums right too. All very best wishes.

Jeffery said...

Dan - Love and light from cold, soggy Denver :) I believe spring has decided to arrive here, upon your return to the Mile High City.

I'm thriled that you're feeling so well and continue to know, the balance has shifted in favor of the perfection that is at your core.

Love, light and perfect health to you.


Jeff & Merlin

Arlene said...