Saturday, June 05, 2010

Reality Check

With all that new found energy I ventured out yesterday. We headed to the Galleria, Houston's upscale shopping center (also known as a mall). I brought Susan along to help craft my new style. You see, I haven't bought any new clothes in about 5 years, since all this nonsense started. Something to do with the fact that my weight has fluctuated 65 pounds, depending upon my intake of steroids and a variety of other factors (like a month in the hospital or other weight losing efforts). Although I must admit that Susan and Julia did buy me a couple of "hospital shirts" at Walmart in Little Rock. Anyway, off we went to find bargains in keeping with the new Dan. That would be the guy with the shiney dome, a struggling goatee, a shorter stature, and numb feet. Well, we've started the transformation and it doesn't include low riding jeans with plaid boxers showing through. It also doesn't include new shoes, as the numb feet make trying on footwear an unpleasant experience. You'll just have to wait to see. The point of this is that after 3.5 hours of shopping my energy disappeared faster than a perfect game in the hands of umpire Jim Joyce. I could hardly make it to the exit to get in the car and come home. Whoa!

But never one to be deterred, today is a new day to test that energy level. Only today (or tonight) Gary and I are headed to an Astros/Cubs baseball game. Prime seating thanks to Gary's connections will find us in the row immediately behind the Cubs dugout. This is all being done with doctor's permission. In fact, when I asked the doctor if I could go to the game, one of the nurses in the room started laughing and said she had been in my hospital room 2 months ago when I was continually pleading for permission to go to the Astros/Rockies game about 3 weeks ago. Permission was denied at that time. In her words, "you never give up." Now I don't know what difference 3 weeks can make but giving me permission only encourages me to continue in my pestering to go home early. Of course, the fact that I now have a different doctor wouldn't be a factor, would it? My attendance won't be without ridicule. Gary has already said we have to leave early to allow time for Chester to walk from the car to the ballpark. (for those who don't understand the reference to Chester, ask someone older than you who used to watch Gunsmoke).

Anyway, I feel that I have more energy but the reserve isn't very deep. Rest assured I'll keep at it.
Go Cubbies,

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Arlene said...

Enjoy the game Mike!