Sunday, June 27, 2010

Say What??

Still reeling from our four month sojourn to Houston, but so very glad to be home. Susan has unpacked everything but my stuff and my items remain strewn about the bedroom. I still have trouble completing projects. I will be seeing Rifkin and having lab work done weekly. So far everything remains stable. I'm ready to have my medications reduced as I feel weighted down from the heavy anti biotics, anti fungals, anti virals, anti rejections, and all the drugs I take to offset the side effects of those drugs.

The latest glitch arises out of my ear drum that ruptured just before we left Houston. Apparently the head cold I've had for the last 6 weeks put too much pressure on the sinuses and blew a hole in my left ear drum. The pain passed but the blood draining from the ear alerted us to a problem bigger than an ear ache. Although I had it checked at MD Anderson, I didn't know the ear drum had burst until we got to Denver, but I'm sure glad I decided not to fly. Anyway, the ear drum is healing, but the hearing loss is significant (or as the ENT doc said, "profound"). My right ear also has "severe" hearing loss. The culprit is likely some of the high dose chemo drugs I've taken, most likely cysplatin. The anti viral, Vfend, also wreaks havoc with my ears and I specifically asked not to be put on it--request denied. I guess one shouldn't be surprised that all these poisons I've injested over the past 5 years would extract a toll on my body. Until I get fitted for my hearing aids, I feel like a character from my childhood, "blowin Joe Ziegler." Yes, "blowin Joe" worked at the local hardware store and walked around constantly blowing from his mouth, to clear his ears. As little kids we thought he was an hysterical character. Now I am him. What goes around comes around.

Going back to Dickinson to see my mother this coming weekend and to attend my 40 year high school reunion. Always nice to see my mom, and I'm excited about seeing many of my friends who visited Denver in 2006 for the famous "Fuzz Fest", as well as a whole host of others who have kept in touch. Hoping my ears can handle the flight and my fatigue doesn't keep me from too many social events. As my brother Tom always counsels me, "take it slow." Susan also deserves a break from me. Talk about testing a relationship these past 5 years!

So, we are gradually reentering life. It's a difficult process, having been out of town for intense treatment for 8 out of the last 18 months. But this time it feels like we are entering a good phase and for that we are very grateful. As a result these posts may become less frequent. I, for one, am tired of the constant (often daily) monitoring of my health. I can't imagine your feelings, other than probably relief, "enough already!"

Love to all,


Steven L. Ritter said...

First, I hope the hearing aids work well. Second, as for feeling better and going on with life ... Fantastic. Last, about not blogging as much, well I understand why but I hope you put blogging on a regular schedule so we can keep in touch.

Sandy said...

It will be good to "not hear from you," knowing that it is because you are re-entering your life. There was another MM'er who had a similar situation with his ears, unfortunately only discovered AFTER a flight with a cold. You can find the link on Myeloma Planet about a month ago.
Continue to be well and we will consider no news is good news.

Lori Puente said...

Oh to be home when away for those long treatments is indeed heavenly. Welcome home.

sailor said...

Take care, prayers and blessings! Heal well and know you are cared about and loved by soooo many. I said, "HEAL WELL!" I am sorry about your hearing. Good grief!