Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day's Rest

No chemo today. I've finished the 5 days of chemo. Yesterday being the most full, with fludorabine, melphalan, dexamethasone, zophran (an anti nausea) and tacrolinus (anti rejection). One day's rest before I get introduced to Mike at the cellular level. Even though I've known him 57 years, one day seems hardly enough time to prepare for such an introduction. I prefer to go slow with these first meetings; you know, spend some time getting to know one another, etc. Instead, Mike's cells will be thrown into my bone marrow and off we'll go, hand in hand so to speak (or is it blood in marrow?).

I've managed with the chemo so far, but am well aware that the side effects may increase in the following weeks, so we're not through this just yet. Then, once Mike's cells start producing I'll probably be discharged and monitored closely on an outpatient basis to watch for graph host disease, i.e., my body's attempt to reject Mike's cells. Fortunately, we've gotten along over these past years and neither one of us is interested in rejection, so I'm confident we'll be fine.

I've pushed my walks through the hallways to 1.6 miles. Today I'm going for 2 miles, just to keep my good shape. Speaking of which, all the fluid they've given me has pushed me up a total of 9 lbs. Yikes! I was up 12 lbs., but they gave me lasix (a pee pill) and I lost 3 lbs. I feel my appetite slowing so maybe that will help. The hospital food is now officially old, but Susan and Gary are bringing me food from surrounding restaurants. My diet prohibits any fresh fruits or uncooked vegetables--to prevent me injesting bacteria. Boring.

But that's what my doctor says: let's keep it boring.
That's all from Houston. It looks to be another nice day in Texas.


Linda said...

Dan, I finally decided to join the blog. I didn't want to miss out on sending our best wishes for success at MD Anderson. Sounds like you're in good hands there. Hope you're back to your old self again soon!

Jenni said...

Ya... Sounds like your handling all just fine. Keep up the walks and stay in shape. I really do think that my Oncologist was right when he said healthy people live longer... Not a reference to the Myeloma but to our physical conditioning. Good luck on the transplant..Although I know all will be well.

Steven L. Ritter said...

The "Jenni" post was really from Steven. I guess my computer was signed in on her account...

tim's wife said...

Will you get any tax breaks for
being a hybrid? ;o)

Rebecca Weber said...

Dan, My husband and I wish you the best as you receive your brother's stem cells. We are following everyday and send you prayers and good thoughts while at MD Anderson.

Rebecca and Jerry Weber

Lori Puente said...

Hi Dan, I believe I met you in LR, in the MIC, when you first arrived. My husband, Dave and I were just getting started with is tandem. We had moved from Maryland to California when all this went down. Anyway, I've been reading your story and just want you to know that I will be thinking of you in these next days and I have every confidence that you will do well!

I'm sorry I didn't get to meet Susan, she sounds like a wonderful person!

Your daughters are beautiful! We are just getting one out of college this May.

Best, Lori Puente

Anonymous said...

Good luck with it all Dan! Keep us posted, its always good to compare notes, especially since its been a year since my SCT, and I am forgetting things about it. My numbers have been climbing so I am starting to think I might be looking at another sometime in my near future. Keep up the walking! That's a great plan. And remember your ice chips to keep the mouth sores away, and popsicles of course.

tim's wife said...

Hey Dan,
Our daughter made her first communion this morning and we put you on the prayer list.
So your name was read by our paster during the service and a
PACKED church of faithful Lutherans
prayed for you today! Hope you're "feelin' the love."