Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Counts Are Rising

Neutrophils have gone from 15 to 128, white count from .1 to .2, and platelets from 18 (thousand) to 26 (thousand). Red cells continue to go down. Hematocrit (a measure of red cells) is now 25.5. they will transfuse if I get to 25. Unless the reds turn around today transfusion will happen tomorrow---but is no surprise. I was told I would need red cells as well as platelets. It actually looks like I may not need platelets as they transfuse those when they get to 10 (thousand) and I am trending up rather than down. The low red cells also provide some explanation for the fatigue I've felt in the last few days. But I've no complaints. The process is working and I am hoping to be home this weekend. Finally will the person who contacted the Rocket Man please come forward? I'm dying to know who has such influence. Love, Dan


Mike Rosenberg said...

Great news Dan. Continue to rest and enjoy the White Sox game tonight.

Ingrid said...

Well, no doubt you're exhausted, but at least now you know even why, that is great.
And how wonderful to read about the growing cells, good job man!!!
And the red cells, ok, but if a transfusion is all it takes to make up for that, I guess you can deal with it, after all you've gone through.

And home already this weekend? Wow, that is really great.

And I am with you, I too want really to know who contacted the Rocket Man, that was sooooo great that e-mail from her.

bri said...

wow! counts are going up fast. go dan! go sox
talk at you later

Arlene said...

Good Afternoon,

Took a while to get blogging today. We are in the middle of a nasty storm which has everyone a bit sluggish. I blogged on just when one of our docs, Dr. Katherine Seibert, called me. She is the doc that I had told you guys about who originally practiced oncology and now, at 72 is strictly doing Internal Medicine. Oh, by the way, she is also a nun (aka. Sr. Mary Dolores). We did the business piece of our conversation and then, as usual, she asked - How's Dan? so I read her your update. She said to tell you great news and that she continue to pray for you.

Have a great day. I spoke to Susan just a little while ago. Talk to you soon. Love you, Arlene

Arlene said...

ok bloggerman,

Are you in? Last time you didn't blog, it was your computer, but we all think it is you're not feeling up to snuff! Do I need to send you some Vitametavegamin or what? As Lucy would say that's Vita - Meta - Vegamin and it tastes great!

Ingrid said...

Here we go, my luggage is ready, down to the entrance door of this 18th century house as you might recall, it is 1:30 am here on the 26th October already. I will get up at 5 am, Byron will give me three phone calls, Taxi at 6:10 then Bus from Siena to Florence, then shuttle from Florence Bus station to the airport, then Florence - Frankfurt and last not least Frankfurt-Denver.
So tomorrow late afternoon I will be there.
So I will not get on the blog tomorrow, until the late afternoon, or maybe I see even Susan first, but hopefully see you soon.
You just continue the good work.

Patty Nelms said...

Hey Dan ... wonderful to finally talk to you tonight, although I've been having conversations with you all along in spirit! This blog is terrific and I went back through the archives and read everything so I'm now up to speed. You seem surprised that so many of us love you, which makes me giggle as it's so easy to do.

I know you must be very uncomfortable and exhausted at times. Laughter is great medicine and it appears that you have plenty of clowns in your life to keep it going!! You'll heal in no time.

Pauses in our lives like this also bring amazing gifts beyond our wildest dreams. Your friendship was a most incredible gift to me some 13 years ago when I wasn't feeling so whippy. Thank you!I am forever grateful for the things you did for me Dan when I wasn't well. I wish I could repay you. For me, I wouldn't trade my experience for anything. (I do not wish to repeat it, however!) I am a much better person because of it and I actually believe it made me nicer. Watch out! You may turn into a really nice guy!!

I do keep you, Susan and the girls in my heart and will continue to send you healing energy. As I've told you many times, let me know if I can do anything to help. Hurry and get strong so we can go to lunch.
Love you Dan!!

John and Jan said...

Hey Dan -- We've been watching with joy as the count goes up with each message. 'course that's what we expected given your history of beating the norm on the production of stem cells and other indicia of inner flow.

It was great to see you. You look great and continue to inspire with your inner focus.

Amazing about Rocket Man. Sox continue to Rock -- bottom of the 8th.

Love, J&J

kurin said...

Dan, I am so glad to hear that you are doing better. My thoughts prayers and love is with you always. I love you and I will try to call you soon. Keep up the good work! ;)

Arlene said...

Oh my goodness little good luck elf,

You were truly working overtime last night. Congratulations!

That was more than karma - me thinks you was sittin on da bat again!!!! :)

Love ya!