Thursday, October 20, 2005

Thursday's Update (finally)

How sweet of all of you to be concerned about no update. The delay is due to my internet being out for the last 24 hours. As much as you love to check the blog daily, I must confess I check it more regularly than that and have felt so isolated without my internet. In fact, my doctor saw me this morning and asked at the end of his examination, as he asks every day, "so what's bothering you most today?" Well, this morning I told him my biggest problem is "I have no internet". Unlike with all of my other complaints, he said he wasn't sure he could help me with this one. But, we're back on line. I am still doing OK, although I'm quite exhausted. I do still manage to do some exercises daily. This morning I did 20 minutes on the exercise bike in my room and also some upper body strengthening with a flexband. I then promptly went back to bed and slept for an hour. My white count and neutrophils are now very low (neutrophils are 2). So, we are now waiting for regeneration of my cells. My love to all. Dan


Arlene said...

Cool - welcome back on-line. Talk to you tomorrow.

Ingrid said...

Thanks God.
That just shows us how dependent we are on tecnology by now. If even someone like you can say that his greatest lack of the day is the missing internet, well, then one more time Dan, my deepest compliment, you're unbelievable.

So, the countdown is almost at the end, and we start now to wait to read about the growing cells, isn't that great. See how far you got already.
And even 20 Minutes on the bike and some more exercises, WOW is all I can say.

Sonya said...

You are doing more exercise than any of us around here. Unless you count drinking as exercise. I hear you are doing great - keep it up. We need our fearless leader back.

Howie said...

Hey Fuzz,

Good evening from beautiful Manhattan. Kansas that is. If you don't know where it's at, don't feel bad. I didn't either; but they tell me it's the home of Kansas State.

I'm here training, if you can believe that. Supposidly, old dogs can learn new tricks (if you repeat them often enough).

After reading your post that you were bored, I was trying to think of things to help you out but couldn't come up with much except to possibly send a book (not on tape)and some pictures of the boys annual fishing trip (on disk) that you may enjoy. I'll send them to Susan if she will email me your address (

Nice to see your doing 20 min. per day on a bike. Hard to believe that your probably exercising more in the hospital than I am doing on the outside. Definitley, don't like you showing me up so I might have to do something about that.

Well, take care and don't go any place. We'll check in in a couple of days.


Richie and Stacey said...

Both myself and Stacey are rooting for you so much. We've been thinking of you often and cant wait to see you again. We have someone new to introduce you to!

Richie and Stacey

julia said...

After reading the blog for awhile now I finally joined. It is so nice to read everyone's positive comments and to know so many people are thinking and praying for my dad. I think I made the right choice in going to CC as I have the opportunity to check in on him on weekends and breaks. I'll be coming home this weekend so maybe I can find some ways to help with the boredom. Once again, thank you all so much for your support. We couldn't do this without you!

Tini said...

Hi Dan,
Our prayers are with you and we look forward to reading your updates and seeing how you are :-)
Say hello to Susan from all of us and we hope to see you soon.
With Love and Prayers,
Tini & Humaira