Saturday, October 22, 2005

Saturday Morning

Good Morning everyone. It's best that you are all up early and get your errands completed so you can settle in for this evening's White Sox v. Astros game. I picked the White Sox as my team when I was 7 years old and they had just won the American League pennant. They lost the series to the Dodgers and have not been back to the World Series since. It's about time!

My counts are still at the bottom (0) so not much news. We're hoping that maybe tomorrow we see an uptick. In the meantime, I continue to do well. Julia is home for the weekend, which is nice. She absolutely loves Colorado College. although if I didn't know better I might be questioning whether she is doing any academic work: she has joined 6 intramural sports teams. I don't know how she finds time to study, but she does and is doing fabulously on the academic front as well. Catherine will probably also be home this weekend to see her sister, but not me, as she is fighting a very bad cold.

Big Mike--you really fooled me. We often refer to my oldest brother as "Big Mike" and so when I saw the post a week or so ago from "Big Mike", I thought it was him. Yesterday's post about the interviews confused me as my oldest brother is closer to receiving Social Security than looking for a job with Citigroup. It took me awhile, but now I know you're true identity. (My big brother is stuck with his joke name "Mrs. Joshwick") How nice of you to join the blog. I wish you the best of luck in your interviews and have no doubt that you will receive many many job offers. Have some fun whle in NYC also and let me know how things went in the interviews. Dan


Ingrid said...

How much fun this blog and to get to know your friends and family better. I had the honor yesterday and today to talk a little bit to the "other" Ted, that was incredibly nice. Please say hello to Julia from me and I'm so happy she's having a great time at CC. And too bad for Cathy having a cold otherwise you could have had a family reunion in your room. Well, maybe next week or so.

And I read you did not yet make it to let your new cells growing. OK, take your time, your body is probably fighting a lot and also a little bit exhausted, but don't forget to give him the order to start working again, you're the boss and your body is your employee and the employee has always to do what the boss tells him to do. :-)

Ingrid said...

No e-mails today. Hmm, it's weekend, and usually people have something to do on weekends.
I noticed that for a long time, sitting here infront of my Pc, the weekends are silent.
So I'm glad you have Julia coming in today, she will keep you busy.
And I will check on you soon.

Dorothy said...

Good Morning Dan. Ingrid, I agree this blog site is a great way to communicate with The Pattersons and to let Dan know that he is thought of often. Dan I do believe there are many White Sox fans out there and when they win the Series I have already made plans to celebrate with some of my Chicago friends at some place that serves Chicago style hotdogs even though I truly do not like hotdogs but what better way to celebrate!

I think the Project idea is great! A neat way to get to know people even better and a wonderful way to keep the positive thoughts alive.

I want to say a quick something to both you and Ingrid regarding Ingrid's post yesterday. Being a nurse I have been witness to many situations that challenge human beings, and I have developed this philosophy that the people that should be admired are not necessarily those that have large amounts of money or heads of corporations or are familiar to many. Heroes are people facing the extraordinary challenges that have been given to them and the way they handle those challenges. The lessons that are learned and the way people connect from those challenges say quite a bit about that person. It seems from reading these posts that both you and Ingrid have learned the lessons and are handling them well!

Greg and I are off to see a movie since Rebecca is at a birthday party! Again good thoughts and we will talk to you soon! The Seals

Mrs. Joshwick said...

Dan, There are some things you just need to accept in life and deal with them as best you can. I hate to say this but, the Chisox ain't winning the World Series. It's THE ASTROS all the way baby! The Sox already won in 1906 and 1917, and of course threw the 1919 Series so it's only fair the Astros win.
Love you, The Real Big Mike
P.S. Glad you clarified the Big Mike issue. Was wondering who the imposter was.

Shawn and Jaike said...

Hiya Dan,
Alexis, Chicago's newest denizen and Chisox fan, is enjoying the fun in Ol' Ma Leary's town. Just saw the bull pen smoke 100 MPH heaters by the Astros. Sheeessh. I never was a good hitter in my Little League days - actually pretty much afraid of the ball - but, boy, could I bunt. However, I was also not blessed with the fleet running gene and usually got thrown out. Quit after a few seasons; think I went immediately into Encyclodedia Reading.
Glad to hear that you continue to do well, Red Dog Leader, and here's to a rising count.